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  Blue Bloods
(Russian Blue)
A place for Russian Blues and their staff New York, United States  418 join
  Russian Blues Lounge
(Russian Blue)
This group is for all Russian Blues.
Welcome ALL Russian Blues, mixes, or purebreds. ... [more]   315 Invite Only
  Russian Blue Mixes
(Russian Blue)
Do I have Russian Blue in me?
Russian Blue Mixes Rock!!. We like to have fun!! ... [more]   150 Invite Only
  Russian Blue Cats!
(Russian Blue)
Where there's a cat, there's a smile!
For Russian Blue cats only! Salisbury, North Carolina, United States  73 join
  The Few, the True and the Blue
(Russian Blue)
We're Blue, Too!
For Blue cats without pedigrees   46 join
  Armed Forces Kitties
(Russian Blue)
Military brats
Kitties of Active and Retired Military Families. Bako, California, United States  26 join
  The Russian Blues, Blacks, and Whites Cat Club!
(Russian Blue)
Make way for the Russian Cats!
Are you a Russian Blue? Black? Or White cat? Come in... [more] Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States  25 Invite Only
  Russian Blues!
(Russian Blue)
Definitely Russian.
Russian.... blue.... and lovin' it! United States  10 Invite Only
  semi feral cats
(Russian Blue)
loveable feral cats
this is for all cats that ppl said could not be... [more] New York, United States  7 join
  Russian Blues And All Cats Unite
(Russian Blue)
Be kind to every cat you meet
Show love Spokane, Washington, United States  4 join
(Russian Blue)
We love all cats!!!
We are the Purrrrrrrfect group for you Lexington, North Carolina, United States  2 Invite Only

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