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  Persian, Himalayan & All beauties family members, no matter what breed
Intelligent, royal, beautiful ,
All Cats Rule United States  871 Invite Only
  ~*~Persian Pals~*~
Persians must stick together
you can come and meet new cats of the same kind... [more] Canada  163 join
  Persian lovers group
we who have true hairballs
Calling all persians   97 join
  Pretty Persians
We LOVE our persians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A group to have loads of fun with persians.   89 join
  persian crazy
This group is for persian lovers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  65 join
  Beautiful Torties!
Tortie Persians Unite
A group celebrating tortoiseshell Persian cats. All pets, cats and... [more] Phoenix, Arizona, United States  45 join
  Cutest Cat ever
For the sweetest cutest looking cats Toronto, Ontario, Canada  40 join
  Texas Persians - Never out of place!!
Come May we can't wait to be shaved!!
For Persians who NEED to be shaved in the summer time!!... [more] Austin, Texas, United States  35 join
for the nonMichaelJacksons among us   23 join
  Persians for Persians!!!
Persians of the round table!
A group where you can make new friends! Sydney, Nsw, Australia  6 Invite Only
Chat and share stories of your Persians
For all those Persian & Exotic owners and lovers Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom  6 join
  Black Persian Fanciers Club
Welcome to the dark side, we have kibble
Welcome to my group, yes there is a specific Black persian... [more]   1 join

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