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  Norwegian Forest Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat Mixes!
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Norwegian Forest cats and Mixes
A group for lovers of Norwegian Forest Cats and Mixes   196 join
  Proud to be a Norsk Skogkatt(Norwegian Forest Cat)
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Out of the forests...
All Norwegian Forest cats, come!   64 join
  Out of the Forests of Norway
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Open to all Norwegian Forest Cats!
Dogs come when they are called, cats bring a message and... [more] Hartland, Wisconsin, United States  50 Invite Only
  Norwegian Forest Beauties...
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Are you Snuggable?
Where Sunshine and Beauty come together... Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada  32 Invite Only
  Norwegian forest club
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
where Norwegian forest cats come to play
open to all norwegian forest cats   20 join
  ::::::......(: (:The Royal Norwegian Forest cats:) :).......::::::
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Princesses,Princes,Kings,And Queen cats.
The cats are so very royal Wisconsin, United States  17 join
  Norwegian Forest Cats
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
This is a group for pepoles with Norwegian Forest Cats;) They... [more] Trondheim, Norway  13 join
  canadain Norwegian Forest cats!!
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Welcome to my new club Enjoy!!!
for all the Norwegian forest cats!! Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada  8 join

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