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  The Cat Lounge
(American Shorthair)
welcome cats welcome
for cats to discuss anything they want Derry, New Hampshire, United States  475 join
  ~*Totally Torties!!*~
(American Shorthair)
for all tortoiseshell cats and kitties
All Tortie kitties welcome!! :)   214 join
  ♥ For the Love of Cats ♥
(American Shorthair)
All Cats Welcomed!
A Haven for Cat Lovers Nebraska, United States  179 join
  Meow Group
(American Shorthair)
Anyone could join this group!
Welcome!! Fresno, California, United States  149 join
(American Shorthair)
SuperTabbyCatz of the world UNITE!!
Its a bird, Its a plane... Its the... SuperTabbyCatz!   91 Invite Only
  Dilute Calicos
(American Shorthair)
Calicos of a different color!
A group for anyone who has or loves dilute calicos. Texas, United States  77 join
  Black Cats Rule!
(American Shorthair)
Join Today!
This group is made just for pretty cats! (black cats!)   72 join
  Domestic Shorthair
(American Shorthair)
we are Domestic shorthairs Nowhere, New Jersey, United States  58 join
  Ameirican Shorthair Cats Only.
(American Shorthair)
American Shorthairs.
American Shorthair Cats Heaven. U.s.a., United States  41 join
  Cat World Domination
(American Shorthair)
Princes,Kings,Duchesses,Oh My!
Cats Arent Meant to Be Pushed aRound!So Join Us,For Showing The... [more] United States  38 join
  The Divas of Catster
(American Shorthair)
"Dogs have owners, cats have staff"
This group is for the Divas out there, we're spoiled and... [more] Orlando, Florida, United States  36 join
(American Shorthair)
A group about well... CATS!! Beach, North Carolina, United States  29 join
  Help stop Kitten and cats from being abused and animal crulety
(American Shorthair)
We help save kittys
Welcome Ottawa, Kansas, United States  25 join
  ********SHoRt-haIrED CuTieS*******
(American Shorthair)
ShORt haIrEd CutIeS
Short haired Cats that are cute...or maybe not...   25 join
  Kute Kats
(American Shorthair)
Kat's meow
We talk about everything that has to do with cats. We... [more]   24 join
  The best cats ever group!
(American Shorthair)
Funny, catish, sweet, cute
This is a awesome group!! Mobile, Alabama, United States  23 join
(American Shorthair)
A CLUB FOR TOUGH KITTIES NOT PUSSYCATS Elkhorn, Nebraska, United States  21 join
  American Shorhair's place
(American Shorthair)
Cute little shorthaired cats.
For american shorthair's only . United States  20 join
  Shorthair sensation
(American Shorthair)
We were born to rule the globe!
If you're a shorthair, welcome to your new home. Atwater, California, United States  16 join
  Cat Book Club!
(American Shorthair)
Fun Feline Books and Stories
The Cat Book Club is all about finding and reading stories... [more] Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, United States  14 join
  America's Ugliest Cats
(American Shorthair)
ugly cats
I have a very ugly cat, and I'm proud of it!If... [more] United States  13 join
  american shorthair society
(American Shorthair)
american shorthairs are welcome
any cat who is an american shorthair   9 join
  girls at work no men allowed
(American Shorthair)
girls work is never done
girls rule Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States  9 join
  Barn Cats and Kittens
(American Shorthair)
Being Barn, a special breed
This is a group for barn kitties indoors and outdoors. United States  9 Invite Only
  cat fans come in here!!!
(American Shorthair)
if you love your cat come join me!!!! Greenfield, Indiana, United States  9 join
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