Links for Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies

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1. Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies Guest Books
     Please sign our guest book

2. Light a candle
     Light a candle for any pup that has already crossed the bridge or will soon cross.

3. Prayer Requests
     List your prayer requests here.

4. Create online memorials
     Go here to create an online memorial for your beloved that has crossed the bridge.

5. Poems
     If you have a poem about Rainbow Bridge or angels or you beloved pups that have passed, please share it with us here.

6. Light a Candle group

7. Rescued puppies with Great Rescue Stories

8. Continuous prayer chain for all animals in need

9. Songs
     This is a collection of songs that represent the angel babies. Your favorite song, or just a song that reminds you of your angel baby. You can just give the name of the song or the lyrics. It's up to you.

10. AngelBabies Stroll
     Tag your fav pic for the stroll for all us fur angels. Let everyone know we are a big happy family.

11. Glitter Comments - Great for rosettes
     Use these codes as part of a rosette. Copy and paste code in the Gift Message. Immediately after code, hit enter. Code and/or message cannot total more than 255 characters.

12. Bridge Babies Group Songs
     This is just a few songs that I love and that makes me think of my baby in heaven. Please feel free to listen to them, but please have respect for me because the only way I could do this was to make another playlist on my account and post the link to it. So please, be respectful of me. Thanks

13. Angel Babies Kitty Stroll
     A stroll for our Angel Kitties too.Be sure to put AngelBabies in your tag line.

14. Grief Relief thread
     This thread is a place to go when you need serious love and support. If your angel has recently passed, or if you are needing special support on a really bad day, please post here.

15. **Mommy and Me Photo Stroll**
     Post photo's with your Mom in honor of Mother's Day.

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