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1. Teddi Sue's Page - FOUND
     Teddi Sue's page

2. See how many signatures we had !!!
     Get Teddi Sue's story on TV!! She needs our help!

3. Dog Detective
     A website for lost dogs in Washington.

4. SEARCH the lost and found

5. SOS Lost Pets
     Provides a searchable database of lost & found pets.

6. SEARCH Missing Pets

7. Lost Paws
     Free service to help reunite owners with their lost animals. You can report a lost or found pet or search the reports already in their database.

8. SEARCH Howl 911

9. Lost A Pet Partnership
     Provides information on the behavioral patterns of lost dogs and tips on how to create a giant, florescent posterboard that have been proven highly effective in recovering lost pets.

10. SEARCH Lost Pet Network

11. Pet Amber Alert

12. SEARCH missing pets directory

13. Flier/poster

14. Cheyenne's Dogster Page - MISSING !!!!

15. Operation Kona
     Lost & Found pets across the United States

16. Pet Detectives, Inc.
     Licensed PI coaching by telephone or online site search

17. Pet Hunters International
     Maintains a national listing of certified pet detectives who offer services.

18. Petzinjam
     Information updated daily and goes to several Southeastern Michigan shelters who check current animals for missing pets.

19. Sherlock Bones
     Commercial Service for locating lost pets.

20. Fido Finder
     By breed listings of lost and found dogs.

21. K9 Amber Alert
     Must join to post. This is a moderated list. Note the rules. Photos & other attachments will be stripped, so be prepared to narrate.

22. Lost Dog Search
     Based in Southeastern Mass., one person voluteer operation that provides free information, guidance & support.

23. Lost Pets International
     Provides links by state for posting notices of lost & missing pets.

24. AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program
     AKC pets with Microchip & Tattoo's.

25. National Dog Registry
     Tracing of lost dogs with tattoo's.

26. Dog Owners Guide to Lost Pet
     Tips on how to get your dog back.

27. Petfinder
     Site used by shelters and rescue groups to post adoptable dogs. Many strays not claimed by their families end up being posted for adoption at Petfinder.

28. Missing Pet Network
     Group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing animals. They accept no money, make no endorsements and use no advertising.

29. Pet Harbor National Animal Search
     PetHarbor.Com is a not-for-profit website. We are here to help connect the general public to the large amounts of data kept by the animal-care industry, which includes your local animal shelter, SPCA, Humane Society, county or city Animal Control, and many private animal-welfare organizations.

30. Tabby Tracker
     By registering with Tabby Tracker, you will be registering your cat's vital information, such as name, breed, color, and postal code. If your cat is ever lost, the person who has found your cat will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the cat was found.

31. K911
     Click here to log in... is a FREE dog registry service dedicated to the recovery of lost dogs anywhere in North America.

32. Craigslist

33. Lost and Pound
     A system that alerts local vetrinarians, shelters and other important people that you have found or lost an an animal (whether it's a cat, a dog, or even a llama).

34. Critters Care through Prayer

35. Help Find Bane Facebook page

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