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1. Track Santa and his reindeer!
     Follow NORAD as THEY Track Santa for US

2. ELF Y'rself
     Yes you can see what you will look like as an ELF dancing. Brought to us by OfficeMax once again this year! Thanks OfficeMax we luv it. BOL, Oh and we luv OfficeMax!!!

3. North Pole (Welcome to Santa's Secret Village)
     North is a commercial banner-free, child-safe Web site designed to provide a family-oriented Christmas site for children and families to share together. Parents, grandparents, and teachers around the world have told us about the quality time they spend sharing the site with children. We hope you, too, enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

4. Prayer Line
     If you know of some fur who needs prayers this Christmas or any time of the year please, please come here and add them to our Prayer Line so we can all come together and pray as a community to support them in their time of need.

5. Link a Light Christmas Tree
     Light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires and bulbs..Yippee

6. It's Always Snowing Somewhere...Make Snowflakes
     Make a snowflake and send it to me, I will send one to you, hugs and ways Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

7. Nativity: Arrange Your Own For Jesus Birthday
     Arrange all the animals in the manger and add the Holy Family too. You can arrange them and re-arrange them again and again.

8. Scrollbar Color Changes
     Awesome place to change scrollbar colors...very easy to can use pre-set colors or design your own..then copy and paste code into bio-field..wooohooo Have fun

9. You Can't Catch Me I'm the Gingerbread Man Can YOU catch Him??
     Come try you hand at catching the ole Gingerbread Man. Read the story and see if you can catch the Gingerbread Man? I CAUGHT him YUM!!!

10. Decorate A Gingerbread Cookie and E-MAIL it...... Merry Christmas Cookie!!!
     Gingerbread Cookie Decorator Macromedia Flash Player 7 plugin is required to view this page download it there if you need it. Pawsome it too and send it to friends

11. WELCOME to Merry Christmas Dogsters & Catsters Come Introduce Yourself and get your ROSIE
     A Welcome letter to all NEW Members.

12. CyberSpace CHAPEL of the ANGELS Light a Memorial Candle, write a prayer, sit & stay
     In many different traditions lighting candles is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time in memorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. Why should cyberspace not be sacred? You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this website. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention. From here on, you will be guided step by step.

13. Dogster & Catster Codes to DRESS up u'r pages for regular & plus pages everyone is included!
     Dogster & Catster Codes to DRESS up u'r pages for regular & plus pages everyone is included!

14. SnowBoardMonsters~~~~~Ride the poWdEr dUdE try u'r hand at this NEW snowboarders gAmE
     snowboard action GAME see if yOu can pLaY!!!

15. The Crystal Palace Ballroom and Mountain Lodge's~ BAR & GRILL
     Come on in rest awhile warm up, have a Hot Cocoa! Let the fireside warm you from the snowy chill. Grab a bite to eat we have almost everything!!!

16. Service and Therapy Dogs???
     Service and Therapy Dogs. How does your dog ALERT???

17. How to make an image, your background
     Just like it says. Give it a try.

18. Sisters of Carmel
     Religious Christmas Cards Be the first to know about brand new sacramentals, discounted goods, new web site features, news from the nuns, and much more. Subscribe to our free newsletter!

     Learn the history of Kisses! and more

20. NORAD Watchful Lookout for Santa

21. Deep Freeze Santa

22. Dress Up Elfs
     Its just like we used to play just use your mouse to click and drop.

23. Cesar Millan Kids
     Cesar Millan Kids Learn, Play, Interactive Dog Human fun

24. ALL Birthdays, Woofdays, Gotchchadays, {POST your:Name, Date, Year}
     ALL BIRTHDAYS Everyone should list their birthday here so we can make a photo and celebrate their day during the month. ( old thread)

     Come join us and have some fun making your own Jack-o-lantern's. Have lots of fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

26. Come Play With Clifford
     Clifford always has some great ideas for all year long. So come along with us and join him.

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