Links for Chef Skylar's open restaurant

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1. RecipeZaar
     Searchable recipes with user ratings.

2. Wallies
     This is where we got the beautiful wallpaper decorations for the rooms!

3. Foods to avoid feeding cats

4. Potentially poisonous foods

5. Menu Foods Pet Food Recall
     Latest information on the pet food recall.

6. Chef Skylar's Restaurant pics
     Pictures of what our restaurant looks like, rooms, etc.

7. FDA's Pet Food Recall (all brands known)
     The FDA's main site for the pet food recalls by Menu Foods and other companies.

8. Dogster/Catster Pet Food Recall Center
     Information headquarters for pet food recall.

9. Itchmo Pet Food Recall List

10. Matzos Kitties Chevarim
     Jewish kitty deli and culture group, featuring food (catering, etc.), recipes, traditional Sunday brunch, and culture.

11. Simon's meowm's art/pottery store and Simon's blog
     Simon's blog, cat and dog pottery, art, cards, cute cat cook aprons, and more. Excellent site!

12. Photo album in memory of Laurel
     The password is "Laurel". Please add your own pictures, and forward to all who knew her. This is for everyone, on and off Catster/Dogster.

13. Laurel Jaffer's Memorial Guest Book (Tampa Tribune/

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