Links for "Canadian Golden Retrievers" who want to be Friends with other Goldens...

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1. "Top Golden Retriever Sites of the World"
     This Site is an informative site for Golden Retrievers

2. Pampered Puppy
     "A DOGGIE Site for Contests, Shopping, & Puppy Trends."

3. Puppy & Dog Basics
     A site full of Doggie information.

4. New Question and Answer Game
     This is a Game that LUCY Girl added to the Groups Forum and it's so much fun. Check it out and learn something new about your Golden friends.

     This is the Birthday Club. Please add your Birhtday and lets Celebrate with a Party and some Birthday Cake. Wishes really do come true!

6. Your City or your Town.
     What makes your City or Town so interesting to live in? Share this with us. :-)

7. Daily Doggie Quotes
     If you miss you Daily Doggie Quote, you can read them here daily.

8. Your Golden Welcoming Wagon
     This is where you can welcome your newest friends to the Group.

9. Bad Food List
     Check this Link out if you're not sure about certain foods to feed your Dog.

10. Adding Photos to the Groups Site
     This site gives you instructions on how to add your photos to the groups site.

11. Adding Graphics to Rosettes/STARS
     Instructions on adding Graphics to Rosettes and Stars. Make them more personal when sending them.

12. Sharing Forum for Friends
     Click here to find out how you can share letters, cards, emails and gifts.... Cuddles and Happiness, Hendrix XOXOX

13. Golden's Birthday/Anniversary Picture Album
     Please visit LUCY Girl's Group site to see your Birthday pictures and other Anniversary photos of interest.

14. Golden Retriever FunHouse
     This is Squirt's Group... Please visit this site if you wanna have Fun!!!

15. Golden Puppies...
     Please visit this site if you'd like to make friends with other Goldens, have loads of fun and get your personal Fortune Cookie each Day...

     A little education for our American friends about THE BOYS FROM THE GREAT WHITE NORTH!

17. January's Monthly Birthday/Celebration Party (2008)
     Come celebrate with us this month.

18. Love and Appreciation Letters to everyone
     Please add your letters of love and appreciation here. Share the love.

19. Contest Forum
     Please read all about the great upcoming contests. This Forum is for the whole year. (January 2008 - December 2008).

20. Dealing with Picture Problems
     This is a Forum for you, if your having problems adding photos to your page. This was posted by Jayke (A-life-well-lived!)

     If you want to play a fun game? This is the game for you. Learn about new movies and rate them too. Posted by Jade from Australia.

22. What are you doing today?
     This is a Forum for you to tell us what you're doing today, update us on news, birthdays, parties, and the weather in your neighborhood. See you there!

23. Share a story regarding the loss of a pet
     This is a place to tell your story of your loss and beautiful soul that has left for Rainbow Bridge. Posted by Angel Brandi (8/10/99 - 6/12/06) Angel Brandi's mom is working on a book in regards to loss of a pet. She might even have it published by now?

24. Safety tips for Doggies and Family
     This is a Forum to share your tips about keeping your doggie and family safe in your home and outside.

25. Question and Answer Game
     This is a Forum to ask a question and get the answer. It's really a "GAME" that Lucy Girl posted sometime ago and was very successful. Let's play and have some fun!

26. Favorite Vacation Spot
     This is a Forum to tell us where you like to go on vacation? Your favorite vacation spot? This was posted by Squirt.

27. What is your FAVORITE holiday and why?
     This Forum is to tell us about your favortie holiday, like Christmas, Halloween, your Birthday, Easter and so on... Please let us know so we can celebrate and have a little fun!

     Answer a question and help donate kibble to dogs in shelters!

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