Links for SIAMESE KITTIES And Their Friends!

Review links from your group.

1. The Pet Gazette
     This is a bi-monthly magazine that is promiting treatment, animal wellness, awareness and rescue. It is free in local stores out in CA and you can subscribe to it if you want to. (Information on website).

2. The University of Catcando
     Get your EduCATion from the University of Catcando! Read all about it and if you have any questions, please contact Dr.FrancisAlbertSianatracat.PhD.

3. Candle Room For Nikki
     Here is a quiet place where you can go to say a pray for Mr. Echo and his family over their loss of Nikki today! Please show your Meezer Love!

4. Light a Candle for Naima
     Please stop by and light a candle in memory of our dear sweet Naima. I know this would mean so much to her dad! Let's show him our Meezer love!

5. 2007 Halloween Bowling Game
     Halloween is just around the corner. I have downloaded the bowling game that I enjoyed playing last year so much. Hope this will get everyone in the Halloween spirit!

6. Great Website of Quotes and Poems about Pets
     This website full of quotes and poems about of pets is highly recommended to us by Bella! Enjoy!!

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