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1. Busters Dogster page
     Come visit me at my page sometime. Hugs, Buster

2. Coco's Dogster page
     Come visit my page sometime.

3. Invitation to Buster and Coco's Wedding
     You are invited to Coco and Busters beautiful Hawaiian Wedding which will be held on a cruise at YOUR KEY TO HAPPINESS Cruise lines on Dec. 11 at 6 PM Dogster time. This is where the wedding is, at 6 PM Dogster time. A free Cruise to Hawaii is included. Please sign up for the cruise and any of the fun activies included. Come and celebrate love Hawaiian style with your free cruise to Hawaii. Be sure to go to this link and sign up for the cruise. You will love it!! Love Your Friends, Buster and Coco

4. Your Key to Happiness Cruise Lines . This is where the wedding will be held.
     This beautiful cruise ship that is operated by our dear friends is where our wedding will begin. We will say our vows on the beach in Hawaii and then everyone will board the ship after wards for the reception. This is a wonderful group with the sweetest admin. ever. Wait till you see all the wonderful things they do and all the lovely pictures they make.Ellie, Fancy, Reba, Maxi, Georgie, Ravan, Snickers, Marmi, Harley Dog,Lil Bear, Bear BMC, Jackson, Ringo,Ruby , Willie, Robin Hood, Baily, Duffy, Squirrel, Sunny, Webster and ,Mandy. To them we are so thankful. Love, Buster and Coco

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