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1. Hairball Bowling!
     A cat on a pier tries to knock down pelicans by coughing hairballs at them! Can you bowl a perfect game?

2. Cat Baseball! Get points for hits!
     Black Cat vs. Robot- Looking Pitching Machine Thing! It's harder than it looks!

3. The Catnip Lounge at Tigger's Arcade! Take a break from the games & have a snack! !
     Belly Buster Cheesesteak! NOM NOM NOM! The finest Catnip ales,wines,& cocktails! Have a snack or a full meal!

4. Billiards! Play 8-ball or Straight Pool against the computer! Tigger's favorite game!

5. Sporcle! Hundreds of quizzes to hurt your brain with! Bad brain! Bad,Bad brain!

6. Tigger's Drive-In Movies! Lots of mostly old movies,TV shows,educational films,newsreels,etc. from the Internet Archive! Grab some popcorn & watch a movie!

7. Reel Fishing! Catch some tasty fish! Mmmmm...Fish!

8. Big Catch! A Freshwater fishing game with better graphics!

9. Texas Hold 'Em Game! All In?

10. Mini-Putt! Putt-Putt Golf for the Arcade!

11. Tigger's Arcade Dog Tag Album! Get HTML or Image codes for your Tag,or just check out the other Tags!

12. Backgammon!

13. Carnival shooter! A shooting gallery game!

14. Skee-Ball! Step right up & play some Skee-Ball!

15. Bouncing Balls make you crazy..hope you have a good bank shot

16. Fireworks! Shoot off your own fireworks to celebrate whatever needs celebratin'!

17. Vase Breaker! Break vases with your slingshot & superballs! You'll need your ricochet shot for this one!

18. Monkey Poo Fight. Yes,it's just what it sounds like. Ewww. You REALLY don't want to lose this one!

19. Kenai River Run! Catch huge Salmon & Trout!

20. Offshore fishing! If necessary,use username tigcals & password tigfish!

21. Ocean Explorer! Go diving & take fish pictures!

22. Rapid Shot Hockey Game! How's your slap shot?

23. Retro Electro Football! Are you ready for some football?

24. Ski Sim! Ski,do tricks,try not to wreck yourself!

25. Pet Sledding! Guide your dog or cat downhill,collect as many Xmas presents as you can! Watch out for rocks!

26. PGX Snowboarding! Nail jumps,do tricks! Not responsible for injuries from crashing!

27. Insane Ski Jump! Are you feelin' INSANE? Can you beat 31 broken bones?

28. Darts! Play darts against the computer! We got us a dartboard! Watch where you're standing!!!

29. Goosehead Racing! A drag racing game!

30. Oldskool Racer! Race your vintage race car to the checkered flag!

31. NASTYCAR Racing! NASCAR,only no turns! It's all about drafting & slingshotting!

32. Horse Racing Fantasy! Choose your horse,name it & race it!

33. Angry Birds! Get those pigs!

34. A whole page of physics games! From knocking down castles to blowing up buildings to building things!

35. Monk Seal Watch! Pilot your reomotely operated vehicle to take as many pictures of the endangered Monk Seal as you can!

36. Surf's Up! Do gnarly tricks & try not to wipe out! Cowabunga,dude!

37. SeaScape! Dive in the sea to find hidden treasure!

38. Jet ski Rush! Ride a jet ski,jump over obstacles!

39. Tigger's Arcade Photobucket Album!
     Pictures from the history of Tigger's Arcade! Past events & champions! Divided into sub-albums,like Tigger's Arcade Hall of Fame,Fishing trips,Cat Baseball Weekends,& Ski Lodge!

40. Tigger! A game named after me! How high can you make Tigger jump?

41. PacMan!

42. Daily Games! A lot of games,many categories!

43. Pinball games! A whole bunch of them!

44. Lucky Coins! Kind of a pinball/pachinko sort of thing....

45.! Lots more games!

46. Angry Birds Rio! No pigs,free the caged birds instead!

47. Science channel games! Who says science is boring?

48. Animal Planet games!

49. Random Number Generator!

50. Office Game Spot! Some cool games!
     Has a Homerun Derby game that shows you how far your home run went! My best...1014 feet!

51. Ice fishing!
     A polar bear or Abominable Snowman looking thing is hungry for fish! Help him catch some!

52. A page of winter games...skiing,snowboardsnowball fights,even a weird mountainclimbing game....

53. Hot Shot Curling!

54. Casino Games!
     Roulette,blackjack,craps,poker....all for fun!

55. Purely Games Winter Sports!
     1 page of winter sports & like 4 other sports pages....

56. Cat Fight! Battle the evil Whiskers!
     Soak Whiskers! Gain minions by matching tiles! From the Great Day Games site! More cool games there!

57. La Petangue! Bocce ball!

58. Skiing games!

59. Snowmobile games!

60. Insane ski jump!

61. iskate! An ice skating game!
     Skate around trying to gather presents & mugs of hot chocolate to keep warm! Watch out,the mugs melt holes in the ice......

62. Thrill of the Catch! New fishing game!
     Kind of a simple game,but you can create & name a fish! I created a bass called Little Stinky Fishface!

63. Reel Fishing--Sawfish Lagoon!
     A new Reel Fishing game! Just like the old one,but with new fish! And you can drive your boat around!

64. Sport Fishing!
     Fish the Amazon,the Mekong,& the Black Sea!

65. English Pub Pool! Pool,snooker,darts & more! Come round the pub for a pint & some pool!

66. Lake Fishing 3! A bit easier than some of the other games,good for easing yourself into fishing!

67. River Fishing 2! Like Lake Fishing,but in a river! 5 types of fish to catch!

68. Sea Fishing! From the makers of Lake & River Fishing! 5 kinds of saltwater fish to catch!

69. Dominoes! Score as many points as you can!

70. Sebastopol Dominoes! Beat the Greeks!

71. Card & board games!
     Gin rummy,spades,mah jong,checkers,backgammon,chess, name it!

72. Basketball! Shoot some hoops!

73. The Cat & Angler Pub at Lake Snagafishee!

74. Tig-O-Lympic games! Go for the gold!

75. More Tig-O-Lympic games! More field games here!

76. More Tig-O-Lympics games! Scroll to the bottom for track & field games!

77. Track & field games for the Tig-O-Lympics!

78. Track & field games starring Bear!

79. Bear Golf Tour! A cool golf game with Bear!

80. Pigs & Chickens! A new game for the pub! Roll the dice for points!

81. Bass Fishing Challenge!
     You need Adobe Shockwave player for this one...kind of like Big Catch....

82. Sea Fishing Sun Beach!
     Same fish as Sea Fishing,but new scenery....

83. Lake Fishing Jungle Day!
     Catch exotic jungle fish!

84. Lake Fishing Alpine Pearl!
     New species in alpine lakes!

85. Shark Fishing!
     An easy game,but you get to catch sharks....

86. Home Run Derby!
     How many home runs can you hit? Also shows you how far you hit them....

87. Nice Catch!
     Another baseball game,but this time you're in the field! Test your fielding & throwing skills!

88. Tigger's Travel Agency!
     Click here to join Tigger's Travel Agency!

     All the latest in NFL news to help you make your picks!

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