Links for Weeks for the Animals

Review links from your group.

1. Animal World USA
     Animal World USA is an amazing group that helps out Memphis Animal Services and is a sponsor for Weeks for the Animals.

2. Weeks for the Animals
     Weeks for the Animals home page

3. The Animal World
     Animal World USA publishs a newsmagazine called The Animal World. It gives the latest animal related information

4. Animal Law Coalition
     Animal Law Coalition is a sponsor for Weeks for the animals.

5. Animal World USA's Petfinder page

6. Animal World USA's myspace page

7. National Institute for Animal Advocacy

8. Animal World USA Teacher of the Month Award

9. Anti Cruelty Taskforce

10. Memphis Animal Coalition

11. Humane Society of the United States

     Search Animal World USA or a certain state that is listed on the weeks for the animals site to find your state.

13. Animal World USA's Twitter Page
     Get up to date information about what the staff at Animal World is up to.

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