Links for The Playful Deed

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1. Cocoa's website
     Hey everyone, you wanna visit an awesome site? Then visit this one! This site contains a home page that tells you all about Cocoa, my kitten. It also has videos of me and Cocoa doing stuff and a News Flash that is updated weekly. There is also an about me section called My Life Today that tells about her life weekly and what she is up to overall. The blog section is where she writes how she is doing on a day to day bases, so check everyday! If you wanna look at her pictures, then go to the photos section. When is stuff at certain times on the site? You may be asking: That is why I created the Calendar that shows what is going on monthly according to the site, and what is going on as far as holidays go. Be sure that when you visit there that you sign the guest book! If you want, you can also become a member. Help me and Cocoa make this site big, and if you go there, she will be right on that front page!

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