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1. Power of a Purr and Prayer
     A Group where All are Welcome.Human and Cats/ dogs/etc. We Purr. woof for our Friends in Need, for the Dear Angels who have Crossed the Bridge .We Care, We Share. We Purr.and woof .Come and join us in Power of a Purr and Prayer ..aka Purrs.

2. World Time Zones

3. Awa Secret Garden
     Just open, click on the screen and Grow your Own Secret Garden

4. Let FIDO read your Mind
     Some Fun

5. Your Pirate Name

6. Play and give Free Kibbles to the Needy

7. AWA New Zealand Trip Now down to Queenstown for a bit of Skiing in winter And bungee jumping And a quick trip around the south Island with a family Now back up the island, up the west coast Here's a Maori Love song, then the national anthem sung by Hayley to finish off our New Zealand tour. http://www.yo iOooJCs I hope you enjoyed it. Purrs the fur gang.

8. Nina (Simon,s Mum )Store
     Beautifully Created gifts ,cards, by Nina

9. World Easy to See Time Zones

10. Alfie,s Tica Show Standings
     Alfies Show placings in TICA.Estimated and Official Standings HHP EN region Alfiechinacat

11. Alfie,s mum Lyn,s Dream Visit to Florida to meet Debbie
     The Dream Can Come True Visit to Florida to meet Scruffy,s mum Debbie. Please take a look at all the pagesYou made this Dream Come True .Thankyou So Much. Lyn

12. Alfie,s Tica Show .Best in Show photo,s
     This is taken from one of Alfie,s Cat shows .Alfie won Best Household Pet on both Saturday and Sunday .

13. Scruffy,s Catster Page ( Debbie)
     Debbie is Scruffy,s mum.She is My Friend and I met Debbie with the help of We Can Make A Dream Come True ,group.( See link to my Visit to Florida )

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