Links for For the Love of Bullies

Review links from your group.

1. Petfinder
     Adopt a loveing Bully(or any pet really) here! Save A life! ADOPT

2. Virginia Beach Animal Control
     Adopt a Loving pet from the pound today!

3. Pit Bull Rescue center
     Pit Bull Rescue Center

4. Rescuez RULE
     Another Rescue group (on dogster) created by Roscoe, Lucky, Monroe, Romeo

5. Prisoners of Greed
     Help Stop Puppymills

6. Pit Bull Project

7. Bad Rap (pitbull rescues)
     An excellent site about education about pitbulls

8. Humane Society on Dog Fighting


10. Pit bull

11. Pit Bull Rescue Center on BSL

12. American Bulldog

13. American Pit Bull Terrier

14. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

15. American Staffordshire Terrier

16. Bull Terrier

17. Cane Corso

18. Dogue de Bordeaux

19. Bulldog

20. Bull Mastiff

21. Dogo Argentino

22. French Bulldog

23. South African Boerboel

24. Valley Bulldog

25. Prayers & Cares
     pray for pets in need

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