Links for Hyper T Space

Review links from your group.

1. What is hyperthyroidism?
     A terrific overview and resource about the disease, it's causes, symptoms and possible treatments.

2. Radio Cat
     This website has a good description of a permanent solution to hyperthyroidism; radioactive treatment of the thyroid.

3. Signs, diagnosis, treatments for Hyperthyroidism
     Select "feline" then "hyperthyroidism" for more information on this disease from a caring vet in the DFW area.

4. Dr. Dana Pace, Nikki's vet
     Looking for a great vet in the DFW area? Dr. Dana only treats cats so she is very familiar with Hyper T.

5. Hate Methimazole pills? An alternative!!
     If you just can't handle Methimazole pills, a compounding pharmacy can help turn it into a transdermal liquid or something yummy to eat! This website explains it all.

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