Links for FELV/FIV Positive Cats and Kittens

Review links from your group.

1. Welcome to
     Great information and a support group where you can post info to others who have experience w/ FELV.

2. Your animal's Health- Info by Dr. Belfield
     Info on a study by Dr. Belfield and his study using Mega C Plus on FELV positive cats and kittens.

3. The Cat Site- Info on FIV
     Basic information on FIV.

4. Best Friends Animal Society- Info on FIV
     Great information on FIV!!

5. Best Friends Animal Society- Cat information
     Information on cat care, behaviors, illness, etc.

6. Best Friends Animal Society- Living w/ Feline Leukemia
     Information on Feline Leukemia and how to live w/ it.

7. Candle Memorial
     Light a candle in prayer, remembrance, hope for a feline and it's family affected by FELV/FIV.

8. FIP in cats and kittens
     General information on FIP.

9. Encyclopedia of Medical Information on FIP
     Information on diagnosing, testing, signs and symptoms.

10. Feline Perotonitis
     A general overview of FIP

11. Feline Infectious Perotonitis
     Causes, treatment, prevention

12. Feline Perotonitis and your cat
     Info on FIP

13. Birthdays, birthdays!!!
     List your birthday so we can celebrate!!

14. Adopt a FIV+ cat or kitten
     Adoptable FIV+ cats and kittens

15. Adopt a FELV+ cat or kitten
     FELV+ cats or kittens looking for furever homes

16. Difference between FELV FIV and FIP
     A newletters explains the differences between FELV FIV and FIP

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