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3. KittyWhiskas Main Group Page
     This is the group which inspired me to start KittyWhiskas For Catsters, since they didn't seem to be on the Catster Group Directory before we got started. Members are encouraged to punch the link and check the group out. They're welcome to join there, too.

4. KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall Page
     This is the link to the official KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall. We hope that our members will derive whatever comfort they can from it.

5. How To Tell the Vet NO
     This is a link to an article which one of our members found that alerts people to the ways veterinarians try to make extra money. There's also a link on that page for the companion book.

6. Video Vault Movie #1: Jumping Beans On a Lawn Chair
     According to Squirrel, "This is a video of when Mom bought us some jumping beans to play with. We were playing with them on a new lawn chair that Mom and Dad were checking out. Well, the chair was a nasty trap for two curious little kitties like me and Lucky..."

7. Video Vault Movie #2: Watching the Car And the Camera
     In this movie, Squirrel plays with a toy remote control car but is very aware of the camera as well.

8. Video Vault Movie #3: Rump Pats From Daddy
     This video is on Rusty's page. It shows the interaction between Rusty and one of his people.

9. Video Vault Movie #4: The Two Talking Cats
     According to Felix, the contributor of this video, "This video shows two cats having a conversation."

10. Video Vault Movie #5: Nora
     According to Monster Marvin Muffin Face, the contributor of this video, "I hope this link works because this video of Nora is amazing. My meowmy's friend sent it to her so we could share it with our Catster pals."

11. Video Vault Movie #6: This Is Charley
     This movie was contributed by Evinrude whose sister Suzuki has CH (cerebellar hypoplasia). They thought it would be an informative and educational piece about cats with CH who can live normal lives if given the chance. There's a companion piece written by Suzuki in my diary "Life With CH By Suzuki Carr (Introduced By Bitu McClintock)".

12. Video Vault Movie #7: It's Oh So Cute
     According to Summer, the contributor of this video, "It shows kittens and cats falling asleep and then doing wild and crazy things while they're awake and then it slows down to them falling asleep again. I saw this video while Mom was on the computer and it really is 'oh so cute'."

13. Video Vault Movie #8: Funny Cats
     According to Little Bit, the contributor of this video, "It's just a series of cats doing funny things."

14. Video Vault Movie #9: Talking Cat
     According to Suzie McSqueeze, the contributor of this video, "The cat in the video appears to be talking, though the savvy among us can probably realize that he's having words with something off-camera. Quite funny with the subtitles!"

15. Do a Daily Click to The Animal Rescue Site!
     This is an ongoing project to help animals in shelters have food and other things they need. Since every click gives six-tenths of a bowl of food, five clicks will generate three bowls of food for needy dogs and cats. Let's do our part and do a daily click to The Animal Rescue Site!

16. Video Vault Movie #10: Mousing With Lucky And Squirrel
     According to Lucky, the contributor of this video: "This mouse Mom caught and put outside. She thought it looked too cute sitting at the top of the back of the fridge. In fact, Mom held a Tupperware container near where it was and it jumped right in!"

17. Video Vault Movie #11: My Regular Leash Walk
     According to Squirrel, the contributor of this video, "Mom thought you might get a kick out of what my leash walk entails. After begging to go and getting the harness installed, I basically fall out the door and roll around. Then I meow as I walk. The video shows it best."

18. Video Vault Movie #12: Help!
     This video was made by the American Humane Alliance ( and contributed by Ashlye*Delicious Dazzle*. She says, "Cats and dogs can't drive to the clinic - they need your help! We need to get more people to spay and neuter their pets!"

19. Video Vault Movie #13: Cats and Dogs
     This video is officially contributed by Maynard. But a quote by My Little Demon says it best: "You have to see this cute video. Who says cats and dogs don't get along?"

20. New Birthday Reminder Link
     This link will be a reminder to our founding member and president about members' birthdays so that nobody will be forgotten. Adoption days will be squeezed in whenever possible, too.

21. Lucky And Squirrel's Page
     This is a page put up by Lucky and Squirrel. They hope you enjoy it.

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