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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Siamese Love
Once you had a Siamese u can'tgo back
For Siamese cat owners & lovers   453 join
  *~ I ♥ SuPeR DoGs!! ~*
For all the Super Dogs of Dogster
A group for anyone who thinks their dog is S-U-P-E-R!!!   453 join
  "Canadian Golden Retrievers" who want to be Friends with other Goldens...
Sunshine and Happiness Always.....
This is for all you "Wonderful Goldens" who just want to... [more] Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada  452 join
(Breed Unknown)
Pawsome pictures of our pawfect pups!
Amatuers, pros, or anyone who loves snapping pics of their pups!... [more] Photoshop, Virginia, United States  451 join
  The Cat`s Den
Welcome Efurryone!!!
All Kitties Are Welcome To The Cat`s Den. This Is... [more]   447 join
We need you!
Help us save Planet Dog-o-Tron from the Robot Cats!   446 join
  Chicago Dogs (and Cats)
Chicago is for Pets
Dogs in or around the Chicagoland area! Cats welcome too. Chicago... [more] Illinois, United States  445 join
  The Royal Bark & Purr
You'll be treated high royalty!!!
Welcome Royals!!!   445 join
Doggie dish the doggie dirt.
Let's bark about stuff!!! This is the place to ask... [more]   445 join
  I love my Siberian Husky!!
Dedicated to Kozy-Munson
For all those Who are owned by a Siberian Husky New York, United States  443 join
  :=: :=: Pawspot (Please come to our new group!)
It's a Pet's Life!
A Dogster and Catster Town for Cats and Dogs. Come and... [more] United States  441 join
Right here!!-REAL Black Beauties
Are you a CAT,or aDOG Are you SMALL or BIG, Are... [more]   438 join
  =^..^= MOMMY'S & DADDY'S BABYS =^..^=
pet parent's baby's
all you kitty's and doggies who are mommy's or daddy's baby's,... [more] Lincoln, Nebraska, United States  437 join
the Hottest Game on & of DOGSTER
Pawesome Game Brought to you by the Barker Brothers Company   437 join
  College Football Fans
College Football
Cool and Crazy Pets for College Fooball! United States  435 join
  ~*~Tortoiseshell Lovers!~*~
Tortie Lovers Welcome!
My email is Louisiana, United States  435 join
We need more bellies! Please apply NOW!
"My Belly Needs Some Air" Murray, Aged 7 (ID 382728)... [more]   433 Invite Only
  ♥ Ratties and labs♥
Ratties and Labs
R U a Rattie? A Lab? Or Neither? and just like... [more]   423 Invite Only
  Polydactyl and Proud
show us your paws!!!!
one can never have too many toes!!   423 join
  Bulldog Friends
(Bulldog )
Lets talk bulldogs!!
English bulldog Michigan, United States  422 join
  Paws with Claws
Please do not declaw your cats!
Join this group to show you are against the cruel and... [more]   420 join
  Blue Bloods
(Russian Blue)
A place for Russian Blues and their staff New York, United States  419 join
Helping those who can't help themselves
For anyone who helps with fostering, or at a rescue, shelter... [more] Kenosha, Se Wisconsin, Wisconsin, United States  419 join
  Million Dog March
Fighting to stop BSL
Join us for the Million Dog March to help bring an... [more] United States  418 join
  =^..^= Southern Kitties =^..^= all others are welcome too!!!
We all speak meow here ya'll!!!
For all us southern kitties and our northern friends! Farner, Tennessee, United States  418 join
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