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  Dog Bloggers! (and cat bloggers too)
dog bloggers
Does your pet have a lot to say?   9 join
  Silverton Ferals
feral cats
Learn about the feral kitties of Silverton Colorado   3 join
Snap a Pix; Create a Memory!
A Photo Journey Through a Maze of Challenges!   52 join
  Without dogs is not so
Complain about dogs
Dog - one of the few creatures on this planet that... [more]   1 Invite Only
  Help Shiba Scout Rescue
Keep your arms and legs inside!
Welcome! Please check out the voting message!   1 join
  The Rescue House Group
The Rescue House cats and dogs.
This a group for adoptable cats and dogs from The Rescue... [more] Encinitas, California, United States  0 Invite Only
  Followers of Chairman Meow
(Breed Unknown)
Obey the Kitty!
Welcome. You are now being monitored by agents of Chairman Meow.... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  1 join
  1508 group
1508 group
1508 group   1 join
  Central IL: Puppy Play!
Central IL Meetup
Puppies need friends, so lets bring them together. All puppies welcome!... [more] Mattoon, Illinois, United States  6 join
  the Rainbow Angel Jeepers -Angels lounge and hotel
(Miniature Schnauzer)
fun Dallas,tx, Texas, United States  1 Invite Only
  Rainbow Angel Jeepers
(Miniature Schnauzer)
in memory of mr.jeepers Dallas,tx, Texas, United States  2 join
  Bakersfield SPCA Group
Bakersfield SPCA cats and dogs.
This a group for adoptable cats and dogs from Bakersfield SPCA... [more] Bakersfield, California, United States  0 Invite Only
  Test cat's group
(Breed Unknown)
test United States  3 Invite Only
  Test group 12
(Breed Unknown)
test United States  5 Invite Only
  Testing the Group Creation Feature
Just some text for the test.
A group to test creating the group feature. Arlington, Texas, United States  3 join
  The Rescue Center
No Animal Left Behind
Thank you for joining the cause of No Animal Left Behind... [more] United States  11 join
  Dog Cat Ster 3000
3000 Welcomes to You and to all!
The Newest of Newest Eden  4 join
  Colorado Pet Foster Network
Foster a Shelter Animal and Save a Life!
Colorado Fosters Needed for Colorado Shelter Animals Denver, Colorado, United States  1 join
  The Watch Dog & Watch Cat Rollover Images Group
Test Group
A group created where members can create scripts to use for... [more]   253 join
  Hound Dog Games!
Not just for hounds.
We can game 24/7!   6 Invite Only
  Let's teach groups.
What are the secrets to a good group?
experienced founders and administrators sharing their knowledge. Netherlands  132 join
  Working Border Collie's
(Border Collie)
Border Collie
This group is for owners who own A Border Collie or... [more]   0 join
  Wrinkles of the Manchester
(Manchester Terrier - Toy)
Toy Manchester Terriers
Manchester Terriers bring full meaning to life(:   3 join
  Sokokes, Rarest Cat Breed in the World!
Welcome to the Sokokes Group! Lets Romp and play!   8 join
  We Are Sokokes!
I would like to welcome you to the Sokoke Group, where... [more]   1 Invite Only
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