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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
Inu to Neko!
A group for all pets named after Japanese Anime or Manga... [more]   67 join
  Sphynxes Unite
No Fur, No Whiskers, No Problem
Welcome, O Bald Cat Lovers! Let's talk about our alopecia'd... [more]   27 Invite Only
Puggles rock
For anyone that loves Puggles!   304 join
  Caped Crusaders
Saving the world one paw at a time!
A group for animals who are therapy or service workers   26 Invite Only
  Doxies And Chihuahuas
(Dachshund )
A place to come and brag on your furry friends Florida, United States  8 Invite Only
  ~*~Tortoiseshell Lovers!~*~
Tortie Lovers Welcome!
My email is Louisiana, United States  435 join
  BabeYorkies Yorkie All pet group
(Yorkshire Terrier)
Yorkies all other Doggy breed group ~
Calling all pet lovers Come join in have some doggy or... [more] New York, United States  392 join
  Border Collie Mania
(Border Collie )
Border Collies from around the world
If you have em or love em, come on in and... [more]   715 join
  American Brittany Rescue
(Brittany )
American Brittany Rescue
PROMOTING - American Brittany Rescue across the United States. Those... [more] Helmetta, New Jersey, United States  114 join
  Birmans are Puurrrfect
We're just perfect and we know it!
A place for Birman Kittens and their owners to get together... [more]   77 join
  Washington Cat Lounge
Cats of the northwest, unite!
Place to Hang for the Cats and Kittens of Washington... [more] Washington, United States  163 join
  The Canine Collective
In space, no one can hear you howl.
Welcome to Canis Major, a neutral station open to animals of... [more]   15 join
  Florida Bulldogs
(Bulldog )
All Bulldog Breeds Welcome
This is a group for All types of Bulldog Lovers &... [more] Florida, United States  125 join
  Skin Kids
Hairless pets and their owners.
A group for HAIRLESS beauties! Chinese Cresteds, Xolos, PIOs, Sphinx... [more]   148 Invite Only
  Maltese Group
(Maltese )
For the Love of The Maltese Breed!
For People who love the Maltese Breed.   564 join
  Akitas and Friends
(Akita )
Show off, ask questions, get advice!
Akitas, part Akitas, or just anyone interested! West Virginia, United States  360 join
  Constipated Kitties
Advice always welcome!!
This is a group to share experiences with constipation. Ontario, Canada  5 join
  Chessie (and other canines) groupies
Chessies world
If they would like us to be anything other than human,... [more]   30 join
  Dynomite Mutts
(Breed Unknown)
Mutts unite!!
Dedicated to mutts around the world! Alabama, United States  281 join
  Cleveland Cat-aholics Group
Cat lovers in the Greater Cleveland area unite! Ohio, United States  42 Invite Only
  Corgi Love
for the love of corgi
For anyone who cant resist a corgi Washington, United States  286 join
  Bassets Drool
(Basset Hound )
For all those droolers out there   665 join
  Painterly Pets
share your art
For pets who's people are artistic.   67 join
  Tabby's Place
Help cats in need!
For those interested in this great cat sanctuary New Jersey, United States  9 Invite Only
  Foto Cats
Foto Cats
If you are a Cat Lover or own cats, join Foto... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  87 join
 (Page 284 of 286: Viewing groups 7076 to 7100)  
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