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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  The Welsh Terrier Group!
(Welsh Terrier )
Wild and Wonderful Welsh Terriers
A group devoted to Welshies   53 join
  Neopolitan Mastiffs!
(Neapolitan Mastiff)
Every other breed is just a dog!
A group for Neo owners or people who just love the... [more] California, United States  110 join
  Clicker trained dogs and clicker training
Trick, *click*, treat!
This is a group to discuss clicker training, inform people about... [more]   118 join
  Big pals with new kitties at home
big pals, little brothers/sisters
A group to talk about all issues of having a little... [more] Argentina  9 join
  Peanuts Pals
(Chihuahua )
Chihuahua Dachshund mix
for any of peanuts pals or for anyone with a chi/mix... [more] Florida, United States  98 join
  Himalayan Cats!
furballs only!
group to discuss Himalayan cats-personality traits, grooming, feeding, etc   336 join
  Devon Lovers Club
Devon's Rule!
If you are a Devon, love a Devon or are owned... [more]   28 join
  Golden Retrievers
for the love of golden retrievers
all about goldens and there owners   165 join
  North Dakota Dogs
North Dakota
For all the dogs in the state of North Dakota. North Dakota, United States  61 join
  British Shorthairs
(British Shorthair)
Brilliant Brits
"Oh you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here." -Cheshire... [more]   125 join
  Mini Schnauzer's Rock!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
No love like Schnauzer love!
Hi welcome if you are a lover of Mini Schnauzers   664 join
  Hunting Dogs Rock
Hunting Rocks
For all you hunting dogs out there!   104 join
  Mr. Fluffy's World Takeover Program
This is my world. You may not have it.
The world shall soon fall to Mr. Fluffy.   26 join
  Furry Friends
Animals are the world
Come here to talk about your pets.   2 Invite Only
  Yorkies, Yorkies, Yorkies
(Yorkshire Terrier)
Yorkshire Terriers
The place to discuss anything about yorkies Indiana, United States  611 join
(Australian Shepherd )
This group is for my Jynx to find what they love... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  30 join
  Feral Colonies/TNR Programs
If cats could have safe sex, they would.
Do you care for a feral colony? Curious about TNR? Come... [more] Maryland, United States  37 Invite Only
  Egyptian Maus of Catster
(Egyptian Mau)
Egyptian Mau purebred group.
A group for purebred Egyptian Maus.   89 join
  Knittin' Kittens
Knit for the paws!
For anyone that likes to knit/crochet for their pets and... [more]   76 join
  The Tuxedo Gang
Everyone loves a well dressed cat!
Clean your tuxedo and leave your hairballs at the door   486 join
  Maryland Outdoor Club
Maryland LOVES dogs!
This group is for the dogs that belong to MOC members... [more] Maryland, United States  9 join
Inu to Neko!
A group for all pets named after Japanese Anime or Manga... [more]   67 join
  Sphynxes Unite
No Fur, No Whiskers, No Problem
Welcome, O Bald Cat Lovers! Let's talk about our alopecia'd... [more]   27 Invite Only
Puggles rock
For anyone that loves Puggles!   304 join
  Caped Crusaders
Saving the world one paw at a time!
A group for animals who are therapy or service workers   26 Invite Only
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