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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  McCarren Park Dog Run - Williamsburg Brooklyn
McCarren Park Dog Run
For dogs (and their owners) who frequent the McCarren Park Dog... [more] Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, United States  68 join
  Dogs and Cats with a Myspace
Myspace dogs and cats
For all those Dogster dogs/Catster cats with a Myspace!, North Carolina, United States  150 join
  Multi-Colored Cats Club
We Match Every Color
Two? Three? Or more? How many colors are you?   137 join
  Maine Coons
(Maine Coon)
Mystical Maine Coons
For all Maine Coon Lovers and their "owners". Pennsylvania, United States  35 Invite Only
  Simply Rex
Curly coated cuties.
A group for lovers of the Cornish Rex breed.   62 Invite Only
  Losing A Beloved Pet
Pet Loss Support
Healing a Broken Heart   125 join
  We're not collies!
(Shetland Sheepdog )
Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdogs Lovers Club London, United Kingdom  242 join
  Sato Crew
Hola my friends!
The Puerto Rican Dogs with the Attitudes Bethel, Ct  45 join
  Animals Unite!
Everyone is welcome!
"Happiness is a warm puppy."   96 join
  shiba inu lovers
(Shiba Inu )
i love shiba inus!
for those who can't get enough of this lovable breed, the... [more]   160 join
  Reiki Kitties Club
For All Reiki Lovers
Reiki Kitties, Other Pets and their humans Long Beach, California, United States  41 join
  Cairn Terriers
(Cairn Terrier )
For those who think Cairns are Cool!!!
Welcome to Cairnville!   308 join
  Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
Doodles Rule.
All Labradoodles and Goldendoodles Lovers are welcome here. Ontario, Canada  382 join
  Petz R Us
We be pets
A group of pets for all that love chatting, having fun,... [more]   13 join
  I love my Siberian Husky!!
Dedicated to Kozy-Munson
For all those Who are owned by a Siberian Husky New York, United States  443 join
  (For the love of) SQUEAKY TOYS!!!
The louder the better :-)
For all you doggies out there that LOVE toys that make... [more] United States  1496 join
  Black Lab Lovers
The blacker the better :-)
For every pet parent that loves their black lab and has... [more] United States  191 join
  Monster kitties
spoiled loveable little monsters
Spoiled rotten cats   68 join
  Hairless Lovers!
"If it's got hair, it's just a cat"
for Sphynx, Peterbalds, Dons and any other hairless kitties!   180 join
  The Welsh Terrier Group!
(Welsh Terrier )
Wild and Wonderful Welsh Terriers
A group devoted to Welshies   53 join
  Neopolitan Mastiffs!
(Neapolitan Mastiff)
Every other breed is just a dog!
A group for Neo owners or people who just love the... [more] California, United States  110 join
  Clicker trained dogs and clicker training
Trick, *click*, treat!
This is a group to discuss clicker training, inform people about... [more]   118 join
  Big pals with new kitties at home
big pals, little brothers/sisters
A group to talk about all issues of having a little... [more] Argentina  9 join
  Peanuts Pals
(Chihuahua )
Chihuahua Dachshund mix
for any of peanuts pals or for anyone with a chi/mix... [more] Florida, United States  98 join
  Himalayan Cats!
furballs only!
group to discuss Himalayan cats-personality traits, grooming, feeding, etc   337 join
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