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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Refined Felines
A wise cat is infinitely superior
For intelligent discussion about news, politics, art, music, etc...   9 Invite Only
  The Isabel White House
Peein' on the Shrub since 2005
The Isabel/Isobel Administration   24 Invite Only
  Adriondack Beagle Group
Bay, chace rabbits, or just be well love
A place for beagles to meet and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  18 join
  Upstate NewYork Mountain Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
A fun place for labs to be
A place where Mountain Labs canvisit and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  35 join
  Dog Lovers Unite
We Are Family! :0)
Hello And Welcome, Binghamton, New York, United States  2 Invite Only
  Feline Couples
It's all about the love!
For all you cats out there and your better halves!   27 Invite Only
  White shepherd dog
(White Shepherd Dog )
I love white shepherds
guardians, lovers of the breed, etc... Savannah Ga, Georgia, United States  132 join
(Belgian Tervuren )
tervuren shepherd
Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Fans Urbana Dog Park, Illinois, United States  77 join
  PWD's Rule!
(Portuguese Water Dog )
Yea for Porties!
For folks who love only the BEST breed in the dog-gone... [more] Northern California  93 join
  Spanish Speakers Pups and Kitties
Viva la Raza Latina!!!!
This club is for every one who bark in spanish or... [more] Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico  151 join
  Mother Nature's Intent
The way mother nature intended it to be
A group for alternative ways to care for cats & dogs.... [more]   152 join
  A Friendly Feline Hide-away
We Welcome ALLL felines
This is for the love of cats and for people that... [more]   226 join
Run clean
for dogs and cats that participate in agility Florence, Kentucky, United States  133 join
  Catster's Kitty Posh Pad
Meow Meow!
This is a hangout for all wannabe princess kitties and real... [more]   9 Invite Only
Show Off Your Gorgeous Selves!
A place for you to show off pictures of yourselves and... [more]   60 join
  Animal Rescue
We Pause For Paws
Giving Animals A Second Chance   793 join
  Dilute Calicos
(American Shorthair)
Calicos of a different color!
A group for anyone who has or loves dilute calicos. Texas, United States  77 join
  Border Barks
Border Collie
For Border Collie Lovers everywhere   56 join
  Military Pets ~meow~ ***Go USA*** ~ruff~
The Silent Rank ****Military Pets****
If you're a pet of a military member, or former military... [more] United States  170 join
  Valley Bulldogs
Unregistered but not unrecognized!
For all things Valley Bridgewtaer, Nova Scotia, Canada  13 join
  Rhodesian Ridgeback Lovers
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
African Sofa Hound owners unite!
For anyone who is "owned" by a Rhodie!   335 join
  Wisconsin Doggies and Kitties!
Cheese head dogs and cats!!!
This is a group for Doggies and kitties who were: born,... [more] Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States  299 join
  Dal Pals
(Dalmatian )
Let's hear it for Fire Dogs!
A place for spotted dogs and their people to interact!   556 join
  Catster Maine Coon Lovers
(Maine Coon)
Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers
For those PURRsons who are owned by a Maine Coon or... [more] Buffalo, New York, United States  611 join
  New England Dog and Cat Club
New Englander pets RULE!
A group for pets who live in CT, MA, NH, VT... [more] United States  84 join
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