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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Don't eat me! Cats named after food
We look good enough to eat!
Cats who are named after food items   41 join
  Date a Doggy/or a Kitty
Out on the town
Flirt and Date with a four legged friend, any breed welcome... [more] Athens, Greece  226 join
  California Couch Potatoes
(Greyhound )
Relaxation and Short Runs are our thing
Greyhounds, rescued or retired, living in the People's Republic of California... [more] Orange County And L.a. County, California, United States  61 join
  Literary kitties
Cats named after literary characters
For kitties named after literary characters, authors, authors' cats, etc. Australia  20 join
  Obedience, Conformation and Rally Pets
Lets Show Off
A group for people that show their dogs or are interested... [more] United States  107 join
  Catster University
You study, I'll sleep!
For all felines who are venturing into the land of higher... [more]   40 join
  Thyroid kitties
Kitties suffering from hyperthyroitism
Cats that bravely put up with hyperthyroitism   9 join
  Valley of the Sun Shih Tzus and Friends
(Shih Tzu )
Phoenix Metro Shih Tzus and Friends
This is for Shih Tzus and Friends from the Phoenix Metro... [more] Arizona, United States  50 join
  the evil finnish spitzes :P
(Finnish Spitz )
anyone evil can join XP
WE SHALL RULE DA WORLD!!! Brown Bench, Central Park, San, California, United States  10 join
  Black Cat Society of Catster
Black cats rock
Not to rub it in, but black cats ARE the most... [more] Osteen, Florida, United States  687 join
  Devon Rex Lovers group
Meow and Welcome!
# "Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.... [more]   66 join
  Flying Pets
For the love of pets and flying
Anyone interested in flying with their pets   6 join
  cool cat caprice club
for the few who drive a caprice!
We get together for drives in lucie's caprice, and do a... [more] Los Angeles Metro Area, California, United States  5 join
  All Kitty-All The Timeā„¢
[Insert Creative Tagline here]
"Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your... [more]   126 join
  6 or more kitties
Discount pet supplies, anyone?
more than 24 paws, join us! Staten Island, New York, United States  976 join
  Norwegian Forest Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat Mixes!
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Norwegian Forest cats and Mixes
A group for lovers of Norwegian Forest Cats and Mixes   196 join
  Rumpies, Stumpies, Risers and Longies!
Manx and nearly tail-less cat breeds
Manx cats, American Bobtails, Pixie Bobs, Japanese Bobtails and fans are... [more]   230 join
  Refined Felines
A wise cat is infinitely superior
For intelligent discussion about news, politics, art, music, etc...   9 Invite Only
  The Isabel White House
Peein' on the Shrub since 2005
The Isabel/Isobel Administration   24 Invite Only
  Adriondack Beagle Group
Bay, chace rabbits, or just be well love
A place for beagles to meet and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  18 join
  Upstate NewYork Mountain Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
A fun place for labs to be
A place where Mountain Labs canvisit and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  35 join
  Dog Lovers Unite
We Are Family! :0)
Hello And Welcome, Binghamton, New York, United States  2 Invite Only
  Feline Couples
It's all about the love!
For all you cats out there and your better halves!   27 Invite Only
  White shepherd dog
(White Shepherd Dog )
I love white shepherds
guardians, lovers of the breed, etc... Savannah Ga, Georgia, United States  133 join
(Belgian Tervuren )
tervuren shepherd
Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Fans Urbana Dog Park, Illinois, United States  77 join
 (Page 280 of 286: Viewing groups 6976 to 7000)  
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