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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  +++Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors and Rescuers+++
"I Will Survive"
We are pets that survived those nasty hurricanes, those with their... [more]   237 join
  Beagle/Boston Terriers
(Beagle )
for mixed breed of beagle and boston terrier United States  72 join
  British rescues
(Breed Unknown)
A new life for the ones who where lost
A group for all british dogs who have been rescued in... [more] United Kingdom  25 join
  feral cats united
ferals for family
for all those who have once been feral or stay, but... [more] Baton Rouge/denham Springs, Louisiana, United States  217 join
  The kittens of wounder
Welcom all. And all is welcom. This is just a freandly... [more]   5 join
International Group of Ragdoll Lovers!
Ragdoll Owners, Previous Owners, and lovers!   315 join
  Doxie Lovers
(Dachshund )
Come 1 come all to the Doxie Lovers   145 join
  Bengals are Crazy!
Anyone who wants to talk about the Bengal breed. New York, United States  207 join
  CooL CatS
(Maine Coon)
Coolest cats in town!coolest cats around
craziest cats on Catster Newburgh, Ontario, Canada  73 join
  White Cats Own!
Jellicles can and Jellicles do!
to let everyone know that white cats are Jellicle!   115 join
  Meowems: Poems for Cats
A collection of Poems written for cats
A place to express you love for your cat with a... [more]   8 join
  The Disney Group
Lady and the Tramp and Friends
Lady and the Tramp 5oth Anniversary Edition DVD United States  1112 join
  Basset Hounds & Their Furends!
Come & play with us.
This group is for all basset hounds and doggies that love... [more] Buckeye, Arizona, United States  15 Invite Only
  Minnesota Pet Love
a place to warm up from the cold
for dog/cat owners and lovers in Minnesota Minnesota, Minnesota, United States  254 join
  The Friends of Hooch -
(Dogue de Bordeaux )
Dogue de Bordeaux & Family
Hooch lovers' Group. All hooches welcome. Parrish, Fl, Florida, United States  88 join
Not a puppy anymore!
Where Older Dogs Come To Chill   51 join
  For the Love of the Lurcher
few realize that a sighthound crossed w/ another breed = a... [more] Wichita Falls, Texas, United States  55 join
Wedding is in the air!
This is where our wedding will be. ON THE 19th! ANYDOG... [more]   5 join
  Special Needs Cats
Angels without wings!
Not Disabled just Extra Specially Divine   393 join
  ^^^^^ Cafe Turkey ^^^^^
Open 24 hours
A place for Cats with food related names.   1310 Invite Only
  *** Utah Shelter Rescues ***
Adopted and loved again!
For the dogs & cats who have found a home because... [more] Salt Lake City, Utah, United States  56 join
I can't think of anything to put here
Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living... [more]   2032 join
  Shelter Cats
Looking for homes (or found a home).
This is a place where shelter cats and formerly shelter cats... [more] Berkeley, California, United States  112 join
(English Setter)
Better a Setter!
English Setters Affecionados   162 join
  Polydactyl Cats Rule!
Extra toes.
Aren't poly's the best? Share here.   50 Invite Only
 (Page 277 of 287: Viewing groups 6901 to 6925)  
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