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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Black, Beautiful and Bright
Black cats are truly great
Every house should have one. Black cats are beautiful and extremely... [more]   235 join
  The Cat of all Cats
(Turkish Van)
Gotta Love Those Cuties
a group for the owners/lovers of Turkish Vans   88 join
SMILE its your lucky day
Welcome this is for pet lovers everywhere.   22 join
  ^^^^Cool, Hip, and Happy Cats^^^^
A "Cool Cat" group - all cats welcome!
This is a group for funny and cool indoor cats --... [more]   260 join
  Portland Fur Kids
Rain or shine...
For dogs and cats living in Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon, United States  179 join
viva la WOXY
dog owners that love music   15 join
  Dogs that like cats!
We are so misunderstood!
For all dogs that love cats and those that want to.... [more]   49 join
  A-1 Terriers
We are a Group of Terrier Enthusiasts
A Small Pet Enthusiasts Club Open to All ~ Terrier... [more] Terriers Of The World Unite!, Tennessee, United States  20 join
  Boy Cats Do NOT Stink
Boy Cats Don't Smell
For boy cats that live with girl cats that think boy... [more]   76 join
  The "My Cat Likes To Sleep In Boxes" Group
Cats who love cardboard!
For cats that are frequently caught snuggling into a box at... [more]   78 join
  Odd-eyed Oddballs
(Turkish Angora)
One blue eye for everyone
Admirers of Mis-matched Eyes in Angora and others   72 join
  Girl Cats Rule
Cosmos anyone?
For Beautiful Girl Cats that have to live with Stinky Boy... [more]   92 join
  Sausalito Doggies
We've gone to the dogs, and we love it!
Dogs of Sausalito, CA (and their people) Sausalito, California, United States  18 join
  Downtown dawgs
Dogs in the city!
The lives and times of urban dogs. United States  12 join
  The Red Collar Society
for those beautiful older pets
this is a group for pet who refuse to let their... [more]   7 join
  Georgia Dachshunds
(Dachshund )
GA dachshunds
Dachshunds and dachshund families in GA Georgia  84 join
(Chihuahua )
Chihuahuas Are Adorable !
For all chihuahua Lovers !   235 join
  Murfreesboro Doggies
(Beagle )
Rutherford Co. Area
We love our doggies! Murfreesboro/ Rutherford Co., Tennessee, United States  119 join
  Canadian Catsters
[Insert Canadian-ness here]
Wave those maple leafs high! We know you're all out there!... [more] Canada  315 join
  Comet's Corner A.K.A.-Mutts Anonymous
We are people that love mixed breeds!
Anyone is welcome here! We love all animals regardless of breed,... [more]   25 join
  For The Love Of Fat Cats;
Fat Cats Unite!
Fat is beautiful.   167 join
What's a Boxador? Glad you asked.
For fans of Boxer-Laborador mixes...our favorite little mutts!   54 join
  FIP Support
Supporting in a time of need.
For cats who had or are diagnosed with FIP and any... [more]   162 join
  Ohio Cats
We are Buckeye Cats
This group is for all cats from the state of Ohio... [more]   60 join
  Le Kitty Dating Service
Flirt, Giggle, and Find The "One"
There is a special cat out there for everyone   48 join
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