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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
My best friend is a dog!
This is for all the cats who love dogs! United States  135 join
  Any of these Rottweiler, Golden Retreiver, Labrador. And You Can Be In My Familys Groups
talking back and fourth e-mailing and stuff   10 join
(Collie )
collie Halls Head, Australia  36 join
The Group for Multi-Cat Families!
"Happy is the home with more than one cat" - Italian... [more]   142 Invite Only
  "Bitchen Freeze"
(Bichon Frise )
bichon frise, bitchen freeze,
Bichon Frise breeds (and friends) gather to meet warm friends &... [more]   230 join
  Friends of the House of Mews
House of Mews Rescues
Open to all cats who have found a home becuase of... [more] Tennessee, United States  20 Invite Only
  Pets With People Names
They really are part of the family!
A group for pets who have been given names that are... [more]   30 Invite Only
  Pets Against Animla Cruelty
Dedicated to putting a stop to BSL and a
Welcome to PAAC. The purpose of this group is to try... [more]   59 join
  Totoredaca Pals
Just what the heck does Totredaca mean?
Puppies who are members of the Totoredaca Leash-free Park in Mississauga... [more] Ontario, Canada  25 join
  (x/Xx)Proud Pyreneans(x/Xx)
(Great Pyrenees )
On your marks, get set... BE WHITE!
A group for pyreneans! all dogs welcome of coooourse. United Kingdom  125 join
  Animal Lovers Of Alaska
All about Alaska
Do you live in Alaska and love your Pets then this... [more] Alaska, United States  139 join
  Yankee Boxers
(Boxer )
Boxers from the New England States.
Boxers from New England New England, United States  61 join
  Black And White Units
We have so many names -Oreo,Domino, Tuxedo Cats, etc United States  583 join
  The Dogster Force
For the Pups!
Created on Feb 21st, 2005. A group of loving Dogsterers battling... [more] Washington, District Of Columbia, United States  411 join
  The Love for Collies
This group is for anyone who has/had collies   122 join
  ~*Sassy & Smart*~
Too Cool For School
All Those Pets Gettin' a College Education...Kind Of   23 join
  Big fuzzy
Were Fuzzy!
Our name says it all   9 join
if you think your dog is cute join this group St.marys, Pennsylvania, United States  195 join
  High Maintenance Bitches
For pampered pooches only!
High Maintenance Bitches is for Seattle area doggies (and kitties) who... [more] Puget Sound, Washington, United States  99 Invite Only
  Quiet Kitties
Making some online noise!
Shhh...can you hear us?   14 join
  Hey, everyone, let's have some fun!
Friends, let's have some fun!
hi everybody! this is just a little group for everyone. it's... [more] Peoria, Illinois, United States  36 join
  Boys Rules! (boys only!)
A tough boys group who love a bit of fun United Kingdom  70 join
  *~DoG LoVeRs~*
Dogs are awsome!
If you love dogs soo much join!! Michigan, United States  182 join
  Born to Run-Virtual Dog Sled Team
Hike! Hike!
Welcome to the team! A place where Alaskan huskies, desert-dogs... [more]   24 join
  Pittsburgh Steelers Fans
We got one for the thumb!
Ths group is for pets and their owners across the world... [more]   141 join
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