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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Sweet Siameses
You put the Me in siamese
For siamese cats only!   73 join
  ~*!Animal Krackers!*~
CrAzY DoGs!
Are you bonkers? Funny experiences? Come here and share them with... [more]   21 join
  Belle and CJ's Private Chill Spot ***VIP ONLY***
The Velvet Rope just for us!
If you aren't Belle or CJ then you aren't cool enough... [more]   2 Invite Only
  kitty groupe2
(Maine Coon)
have fun
open for all u young kittens Caracssonne, France  2 Invite Only
  kitty groupe
(Maine Coon)
have fun
open for all u young kittens Caracssonne, France  4 Invite Only
  doggy group
(German Shepherd)
have fun
a group for all u doggys Carcassonne, France  13 join
  Senior Citizen Status
Young at heart and completely spoiled.
For mature pets with senior citizen status and priviledges   203 join
You can't fight black and white
A meeting place for black and white or tuxedo tabby kitties... [more] Oreo Cookieland  38 Invite Only
  !Our own forum!
groups made into forums!
This is a group that is made to be a forum,... [more]   37 join
  Florida Doxies Needing Homes
(Dachshund )
Florida Doxies Needing Homes
These little babies are in Foster care for now but need... [more] Florida, Florida, United States  32 Invite Only
  Black Beauties
Black is Beautiful
We're the black, we're beautiful, we're the BLACK BEAUTIES! New Mexico, United States  323 join
  Dog Gone Good Food
Where nutrition counts!
A place to discuss and learn about a dog's real nutritional... [more]   17 Invite Only
coco's friends
lhasa apso/poodle mix Pittsburgh, Pa  18 join
  Circle of Paws
Purrrrrrrrrrr on!
Welcome! This group is for any cat ! United States  189 join
  ~ For The Love Of Borzoi~
(Borzoi )
~ got borzoi?~
This group is for anyone, including Borzoi owners and Borzoi lovers... [more] Richmond, West End, Virginia, United States  70 join
(Miniature Schnauzer )
dogs United States  7 Invite Only
  Crown City Canines
Dogs from the San Gabriel Valley area Pasadena, California, United States  13 join
  Indoor Kitty Adventurers Club
That's so cool...can I try that?
Beating boredom by sharing stories and ideas for indoor fun! United States  49 join
  The Pound Puppy Project
Spreadin' Some Real Dogster Love
Welcome to the Pound Puppy Project! We're a community of Dogsters... [more]   673 join
  Rescued Kitties
"I once was lost, but now I'm found"
For those that had a hard time before finding their families.... [more]   238 join
  Affenpinschers----lots of love in small bodies
(Affenpinscher )
love with paws
for affen lovers, and others Columbus, Mississippi, United States  64 join
  Golden Oldies
The oldies are The Goodies!
For those wonderpets that are living the seniour life! Miami, Florida, United States  29 join
  cats named after big cats and other wild animals
come and give us a big meow
lions, tigers, bears, lynxes, joeys o my!   18 join
  *****Dogs and cats named after earth's elements or places*****
Welcome, join in on the fun
If you have a name like copper, crystal, goldie, quito, egypt,... [more]   79 join
  The Inevitable Einsteins
You Smarty Pants!
Those guys that just always wind up too smart for their... [more] Miami, Florida, United States  17 join
 (Page 270 of 287: Viewing groups 6726 to 6750)  
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