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Directory of ALL Catster Groups

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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Bouncy Wiggle Butt Boxers & Friends
Gotta love the wiggle butt
All Boxers & Friends of the Boxer Welcome Missouri  237 join
  Cats Only
Cats only
where you can get away   11 join
(Scaredy Animals of America)
Scared of anything or everything just join the club Kodiak, United States  5 join
  Cats and Dogs Unite
For Cats and Dogs To become Friends.
Where Cats and Dogs Unite!   95 join
  Look....but don't touch
Don't pet me too much.
For all you cats who prefer to be admired.   8 join
  Funny Zone
Note:This group will cause you to laugh!
A place to laugh and share company with friends.   25 join
Any kitty couples welcome!
Now open to any Catster couples   3 join
  Beautiful Cats And Rugged Dogs:)
(Maine Coon)
Oh, for the love of...
Come One, Come All! Dahlgern, Virginia, United States  5 join
  Beautiful Cats And Rugged Dogs
(Maine Coon)
Oh, for the love of...
Come One, Come All! Dahlgern, Virginia, United States  8 join
  Kitten Love Club =^..^=
Fall in kitten love!!!
This is one great place to meet new cats and maybe... [more] Kittyton, New Jersey, United States  40 Invite Only
  greater swiss mountain dogs
(Greater Swiss Mountain Dog )
swissies unite!
a great place to discuss anything relating to your swissy.   128 join
  A princess named Belle
A place to get pampered.
Princess that lives in a castle   14 Invite Only
  Disabled Pets** Group No Longer Active**
Disabled Pets have fun too!
A group for Disabled Pets to meet and share their experiences... [more]   26 join
  *~In Loving Memory~*
We love all kitties
if your beloved kitty isn't with us anymore you may join... [more] New Jersey, United States  14 Invite Only
  New Jersey Dogs
For doggies living in New Jersey, USA.
Jersey Dogs! Northern Metro, New Jersey, United States  267 join
  Bay Area Pets
Mermaid Bay if you ask me.
Anyone live in the Bay Area? Bay Area, California, United States  105 join
  Pugaholics Anonymus
(Pug )
We encourage falling off the wagon.
An informal way to share your addiction to the best breed!... [more] San Diego, California, United States  296 join
  Sushi Cats
Cats with Developed Palets
We like to be around people making sushi.   6 join
  left out of groups
i feel left out
a group for any dog or cat to join British Columbia, Canada  10 join
  Persian, Himalayan & All beauties family members, no matter what breed
Intelligent, royal, beautiful ,
All Cats Rule United States  871 Invite Only
  ~**The Kool Kitty Lounge**~
where kool kitties come together Ontario, Canada  62 join
  Blue Eyed Babies
For they love of Blue eyed babies
No It Is NOT A FAKE EYE! ;) Buford, Georgia, United States  42 Invite Only
  Animal bloggers
When in doubt, scratch!
A group for bloggers who write about animals/pets relatively often   69 join
  Magnificent Mz
Mz are magical
Cat with M namez New Mexico, United States  51 join
  Original Americans
New Englanders Unite!
For any pets that hail from New England! United States  4 Invite Only
 (Page 269 of 287: Viewing groups 6701 to 6725)  
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