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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Blue Bloods
(Russian Blue)
A place for Russian Blues and their staff New York, United States  418 join
  Million Dog March
Fighting to stop BSL
Join us for the Million Dog March to help bring an... [more] United States  417 join
  Paws with Claws
Please do not declaw your cats!
Join this group to show you are against the cruel and... [more]   417 join
  As the World Purrs
A Tale of 8 Cats
A kitty soap opera based on the real life adventures of... [more]   413 join
  Justice For Saxony!
Saxony 2000-2007
Saxony a beautiful staffie was killed because of her breed! Help... [more]   413 join
  =^..^= Southern Kitties =^..^= all others are welcome too!!!
We all speak meow here ya'll!!!
For all us southern kitties and our northern friends! Farner, Tennessee, United States  413 join
  The Dogster Force
For the Pups!
Created on Feb 21st, 2005. A group of loving Dogsterers battling... [more] Washington, District Of Columbia, United States  411 join
  Tall Cat Tales
(Breed Unknown)
Where everyone has a story to tell
Tall tales and true by the worlds most creative cats and... [more] Washington, United States  404 join
  Basenji Bratz
We're Basenjis with an Edge
Where Basenjis can meet and play and have Yodels of Fun!... [more] All Around The World, United States  402 join
  ♥ Saving Animals' Lives ♥
If we can stick together we can do it!
Where we can help spread the word about animal abuse.   399 join
  Calico Owners & Lovers~
You Don't Own A Calico...They Own You
For those who love their own little patchwork kitties, or just... [more]   397 join
  In Memoriam
~Gone but never forgotten~
Dedicated to our dogs and cats who are no longer with... [more]   396 join
  Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories
Thank you for rescuing us.
You don't have to be a rescue to join. You... [more] United States  396 join
Catsters Join Now!! :)
I most certainly cant be the only catsterholic around here.... come... [more]   396 join
  Special Needs Cats
Angels without wings!
Not Disabled just Extra Specially Divine   393 join
  The Black and White Ankle Biters
(Breed Unknown)
Attack cats unite
Black and Whites (or any type of cat) who like to... [more]   392 join
  BabeYorkies Yorkie All pet group
(Yorkshire Terrier)
Yorkies all other Doggy breed group ~
Calling all pet lovers Come join in have some doggy or... [more] New York, United States  392 join
  ~ Friends Of Emma ~
...."Everything rides on faith"....
Please join us to help Emma receive the surgeries and treatment... [more]   392 join
  Rescuez RULE
(Breed Unknown)
Adopters,Adoptees, & Adoption supports
Welcome! Adoptees, Adopters, Adoption supporters, volunteers and fosters! This is a... [more] Va Beach, Virginia, United States  390 join
(Chihuahua )
  Chef Skylar's open restaurant
Kitchen's open!
Everyfurry who cooks is welcome to serve up their favorite dishes... [more]   387 join
Join The Circus! Join The Fun! Get Your Circus ID Now!... [more] Tennessee, United States  387 join
  The NFL Fan Club
for pro football-lovin' fluffies & fidos
THE group for Dogsters & Catsters who love to watch pro... [more] Findlay, Ohio  385 join
  Dog Eared Book Club
If you love dog-ears....
This group is for dogs (and owners!) who love a great... [more]   382 join
  Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
Doodles Rule.
All Labradoodles and Goldendoodles Lovers are welcome here. Ontario, Canada  382 join
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