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Knowledge for all Catkind
A library/museum for the entertainment & enlightenment of the Cat mind! Take virtual tours,see great paintings,visit virtual museums...interesting & informative sites from all around the Interwebs!
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January 29 , 2010

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New! What does your Sister(s) do to annoy you the most?
6/16 6:07pm
what r ur mancat tactics for the vet?
5/19 11:02am
Catnip! How do you do your 'Nip?
11/21 8:55am
11/18 2:07pm
What is your favorite Mancat thing to do?
11/17 9:26am
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Group Links
»The Internet Archive! Public Domain movies,TV shows,Text(Online Books & other stuff to read),Audio,& lots more! "Universal access to all knowledge!"
»How To Build A Pyramid
»Walk Like An Egyptian
»Interactive Tartan Weaver! Design a Tartan for your Cat Clan!
»Eternal Egypt! Interactive site about Ancient Egypt!
»History of the Domestic Cat! Our Roots!
»Cats in Ancient Egypt! We were Gods! What happened?
»Shrine of Bastet!
»Online Museums,exhibits & tours! Everything from the American Museum of Natural History to the Museum of promotional pens!
»Online Museum of Collectibles! With lots of free price guides! Is your old junk valuable? Also has a link to Odd Museums!
»U.S. Gov't Virtual tours! From National Parks to the CIA to the Space Station! Take a tour!
»Virtual tour of Lascaux! Enter the cave & see the famous Cave Paintings!
»More virtual Tours! From the Moon to the Rare Book Room to the 7 Wonders of the World to the Solar System! Take a tour!
»Web Gallery of Art! See some masterpieces! Guided tours provided!
»Space Cats! Did you know that France made 2 Cat Space Flights in 1963? Here's the story!
»The Doomsday Clock! All about the Clock,& a link to see how close we are to Global Destruction! Fun! Uh...Maybe not so fun....
»EarthCam! Watch webcams from around the world! See the Pyramids live! Hundreds of other places to check out!
»Shrine To Sekhmet
»Internet Sacred Texts Archive! From the Bible to Zoroastrianism,with UFOs & legendary creatures thrown in!
»Lots of links to online museum tours! From art to East Texas forests to disease!
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