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Tigger's Arcade

When a Catnip Mouse just won't do!
Welcome to the #1 Group for Fun on Catster,Tigger's Arcade! Online games!Win rosettes in our Tournaments & weekly games! Take a break at the Catnip Lounge or watch a movie at Tigger's-Drive-In! The only rule here is HAVE FUN! That & use the litterbox.
Fun & Games
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May 17 , 2009

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New! Looking forward to spring and baseball
2/26 9:34am
Football Picks Game 2014!
11/05 4:26am
9/01 7:41pm
2013 Football Picks Game!
2/25 10:29am
New Community
2/02 12:36pm
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Group Links
»Hairball Bowling!
»Cat Baseball! Get points for hits!
»The Catnip Lounge at Tigger's Arcade! Take a break from the games & have a snack! !
»Billiards! Play 8-ball or Straight Pool against the computer! Tigger's favorite game!
»Sporcle! Hundreds of quizzes to hurt your brain with! Bad brain! Bad,Bad brain!
»Tigger's Drive-In Movies! Lots of mostly old movies,TV shows,educational films,newsreels,etc. from the Internet Archive! Grab some popcorn & watch a movie!
»Reel Fishing! Catch some tasty fish! Mmmmm...Fish!
»Big Catch! A Freshwater fishing game with better graphics!
»Texas Hold 'Em Game! All In?
»Mini-Putt! Putt-Putt Golf for the Arcade!
»Tigger's Arcade Dog Tag Album! Get HTML or Image codes for your Tag,or just check out the other Tags!
»Carnival shooter! A shooting gallery game!
»Skee-Ball! Step right up & play some Skee-Ball!
»Bouncing Balls make you crazy..hope you have a good bank shot
»Fireworks! Shoot off your own fireworks to celebrate whatever needs celebratin'!
»Vase Breaker! Break vases with your slingshot & superballs! You'll need your ricochet shot for this one!
»Monkey Poo Fight. Yes,it's just what it sounds like. Ewww. You REALLY don't want to lose this one!
»Kenai River Run! Catch huge Salmon & Trout!
»Offshore fishing! If necessary,use username tigcals & password tigfish!
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Group Photos

Wilson J. Scooter bowled a perfect game!

Cat Baseball Weekend!

The Miss Kitty Trophy!

Winner of the Miss Kitty Memorial Mini-Golf classic!

The Arcade Cup Hockey Trophy!

The Most Goals in a game trophy!

The Hat Trick Trophy!

Pooters is the first Arcade Cup winner!

Monida wins the Most Goals in a Game Trophy!

Cat Baseball Weekend 2! Pooters & Pounce with their trophies!

Kaci at Cat Baseball Weekend 1!

Triple Crown Winner Pounce at Cat Baseball Weekend 1!

Miss Mittens at Cat Baseball Weekend 1!

Cat Baseball Weekend High Score Trophy!

Cat Baseball Weekend Hit the Pitcher Trophy!

Cat Baseball Weekend Most Home Runs Trophy!

Tigger's Arcade Hall Of Fame-Miss Mittens!

Tigger's Arcade Hall Of Fame-Miss Kitty!

Tigger's Arcade Hall Of Fame-Java!

Derby Weekend High Score Trophy!

Derby Weekend Most Wins Trophy!

The Java Open Hairball Bowling Weekend Championship Trophy!

The new reward for a perfect game in Hairball Bowling--A Championship belt!

The Snack Bar is now the Catnip Lounge! A full service bar & grill!

The Football Picks Game Most Wins Trophy!

The football Picks Game Best Winning Percentage Trophy!

Tigger's Arcade Ski Lodge!

The Ski Lodge Dining room!

Inside the Ski Lodge!

A map of Arcade sites!


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