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The Church of Ceiling Cat

We Want To Believe.
The Church of Ceiling Cat is a non-denominational,spiritual rather than religious church where cats can express their spiritual side,& a place to remember fallen friends.
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May 17 , 2009

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New! Cali Welcome Chica!
8/10 7:41pm D.C. (1989-2005)
Cali Welcome New Members!
7/30 3:01pm Cali
Cali Memorial Stones Available!
7/29 2:34pm Cali
Cali Purr for Tiger Lily,Tortured to death.
7/17 4:03pm Cali
Mayhem Purrs and Prayers needed
7/12 5:06pm Cali
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Cali 2/26 11:07am Grand Re-Opening!
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»Ceiling Cat Vs Basement Cat!
»The Church of Ceiling Cat now serves Sunday Breakfast,whenever you want it!
»The Memorial Garden! Stroll through the Garden & remember your loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge!
»Internet Sacred Text Archive!
»The lolcat Bible!
»Digital Dead Sea Scrolls!
»Some spiritual sites!
»Spirituality & practice!
»How to meditate....
»Meditation Station!
»Spirit & Sky! Links to spiritual sites.....
»The Wellspring! Links to contemplative pages......
»More links....
»Divine Tao! Explore the Tao Te Ching....
»World Prayers!
»Sacred Places!
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Celing Cat Is Watching You!

Good Vs. Evil!

Reverend Cali Invites all Cats to follow the path of Good!

Our Church.

The Main window.

Grab a pew! The Service is about to start!

The Catnip Garden. Feel free to add photos of your loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rev. Cali delivering a Service.

Newest Joins
Malone (1986-1994)
"Junior" (Nascar-related)
Bunnz~So (aka "Pudge")
"Dinky" (March 1993-Oct. 1993)
Molly (1989-2004)
D.C. (1989-2005)
Chloe, 1998-2011
Casper (1993-2010)
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