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This group is for all Russian Blues.
Welcome ALL Russian Blues, mixes, or purebreds. This place is for all of us to gather around, and have some Blue fun!
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May 10 , 2011

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Bugsy 5/24 7:50am Happy gotcha day Smokie
Bugsy 5/23 7:42am Happy gotcha day Mac and Roe kitty
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Smokey Jay 5/19 4:05am Happy birthday to Humphrey
Bugsy 5/18 4:03am Happy birthday Natty
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Bugsy 5/23/15 12:00am ~~ May 23 Is Roe Kitty`s Gotcha Day ~~
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Smokey Jay 5/24/15 12:00am ~~ May 24 Is Smokie`s Gotcha Day ~~
Bugsy 5/25/15 12:00am ~~ May 25 Is Mikolai`s Birthday ~~
Bugsy 5/25/15 12:00am ~~ May 25 Is Boris` Birthday ~~
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