Ratties and labs

Ratties and Labs
R U a Rattie? A Lab? Or Neither? and just like Ratties and Labs...Join in the fun invite your brothers and sisters to!
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August 07 , 2006

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New! After Dogster
1/28 9:03pm
Widdle Gracie Nee' is Dogster of the Day!!!
1/28 8:56pm
Who still checks in on other dogster groups?
10/06 9:58am
Happy Labor Day - 2012
8/31 6:40am
OMD!! Its been a year since any of Us have posted!
8/28 2:29pm
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my name is COONASS

my name is COOKIE

Willow and Chance xoxo

My skin spots are black and tan, see my skid marks? (Eddie)

Seems like I get new spots every day! ~Penny

My Weird Marking: The little bit of color going right over the start of my tail.

My double dot marking

My perfectly beautiful spot

My Pawrents call me "Superman" cause of my cool chest marking !

Jammin Lady...Lab of the week 5/6/07-5/12/07

Maggie...Rattie of the week 5/6/07-5/12/07

Sampson..."Lab" of the week 5/13/07-5/19/07

Rory...Rattie of the week 5/13/07-5/19/07

look everyone!!! i was the ring bearer!!!

The LabraMutts! Justy, Homer, & Bobbi-Girl

My name is Peanut and I am the middle child of my doggie family. My new sister is Lil One and she is just 3 months old. My older sister is Ebony, a black lab, and she is almost 13 years old.. I love them very much! Nice to meet everyone!

Hi everydog...we're Coco and Oreo:)

Hi everyone I am Gracie Nee Thanks for letting Me in

we are busting Tobie out of the Hilton!!!!

Bbbrrrrr !! Saphira

Eddie/Penny hamster #1

Eddie/Penny hamster #2

Saphira and our Doberman Brianna play like this all day!

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