Girls Only - NO BOYS ALLOWED ! ! !
Just Across the Yard from the Boys Only Bunker ! GIRLS ONLY at this group, boys may join across the yard !
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July 28 , 2007

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New! SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY of the Annual Adopt Stroll and Contest!
6/17 1:35pm
The one who gets to 500 wins . . . . . . . . . . .
3/17 6:52am
We just love your new Dream House
2/14 8:31pm
Say Something Nice About the Pal before You!
12/09 3:28pm
Birthdays . . . . Psssttt, *whispering*
9/17 10:12pm
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Group Photos

"Dream House" Courtesy of Webster, Ringo, Wilson, Cletis, Stinky Pete, Otis Bubba, and Clyde

The boys have a goat, but us girls have a lawnmower!!!!!

Our Living Room or AKA Strategic Command Center

The Kitchen

Oh no, look what that Wilson did to our new home!!!!!!!

Look at what that silly Wilson did to our window

This will stop the water flow for the boy's pool!!!!!!

WILSON!!!!!!!!! Not another one and a window box!!!!!!!!

That WILSON!!!!!! Now he's gone and broken our tiffany lamp!!!!!!!!

Just look at the mess WILSON left for us to clean up!!!!!!

Hum, I wonder if the boys are drooling yet????

And now for the shrimp!!!!!!

Chef Katie

Chef Tallulah

Wilson has gathered all the ingredients to make cinnamon rolls

The mess Wilson made making the cinnamon rolls!!!!!!

The bees attracted to the sugar and honey that WILSON spilled all over the floor!!!!!

The bees chasing Katie down to the lake!!!!!!

WILSON!!!!! Just look what he did to my HAIR!!!!!!

This is a super soaker there are different kinds and the boys enjoy squirting us girls with them (BOL)

These cookies were baked by Sandy. Hopes all her pals enjoy them.

Just look at what that CLETIS did to our brand new tablecloth!!!!

Our new BBQ Grill

This is the Mean Cat - who damaged the roof . . . . .If you see him call fur help . . . . he's VERY MEAN ! ! !

We are missing a laundry basket did somebody take it home "accidently"?

Blue Bonnets for The GDH Easter 2008

OoOoOo look at this Birthday Cake

Our new Girl's Dream House Pool

The 1950's Pawty for Katie and Stinky

1950's Pawty May 3, 2008

Just lookie at the new, huge, sexy leg lamp the Bunker Boys got us ............the leg glows too! BOL ! Oh, and the boys placed it in front of the GDH window !

Georgie Girl Honorable Mention Award....ADOPT 2008........we are so proud of you !

Cinnamon, one of the five Honorable Mention winners in the Adopt 08 contest ...............we love you girl !

Lookie are BOB went camping recently...they are sooo cute in their coon hats....BOL!

what the Bunker Boys did to our back porch

and our window, they are amarking everything.....

Dusty, Ringo and Webster made this glider for us, thanks boys

Penny our Piggy from the boys..Isn't she just adorable

kitchen window

In Memory of Whiskey 7/2/92-9/29/08

HK Dancing for the girls at Bootsies shower!

Lucy is an Angel

An GDH Original girl Cherokee is an Angel

Cinnamon is an Angel

Our adopted boy kitty known to us as MC is an Angel

The Angel Tater Tots

The Creator of the GDH Katie is an Angel


In Memory of Wilson
06/08/1996 - 11/23/2007
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