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Helping Blind Cats See A Future!
Welcome! We're all supporters and friends of the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in North Carolina. This is a place where we can share news about the blind cats, provide support for those caring for vision-impaired cats, and just have fun!
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November 18 , 2008

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»Katie Scarlett's Attic - Bonanzle Store to Benefit the Blind Cats
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Rescue kitty Cora is SO lucky! She has beautiful Lily and her family as sponsors!! Bless you, Lily & family, for being Cora's sponsor!! We love you!!

A zillion purrs to Chai Latte-Capone & family for sponsoring sweet Abigail at Blind Cat Rescue. Our sponsors make so much possible! Without you, there's be no Blind Cat Rescue! Abigail loves her sponsor family!

Angel Hugo and his family are sponsors for cute little Jimmy. He's purring and purring because he knows he is loved! Every blind cat feels so special when he or she is sponsored by a caring donor. We love all our sponsors!!

Seven is purring happily because she is sisfur-sponsor for Natasha! Two pretty tortie ladies have to stick together, after all! Natasha is purring because Seven's sponsorship helps support her care at Blind Cat Rescue! Purrs and sandpaper kisses to ALL o

Big Mike is a very special blind cat because he also has diabetes and other health issues. Catfish is proud to sponsor Mike and help fund his medications and treatments. Both boys are purring because they are furriends furever, thanks to Blind Cat Rescue

Tess loves her sponsor-angel, China Doll. Her mommy's done SO much to help the Rescue, so she's extra special to each of the blind cats!

Sam sends zillions of purrs to fellow blind cat Montoya, his very special sponsor! Montoya knows the meaning of survival & is helping other blind cats live by sponsoring Sam. Purrrrr!

Hermes loves his sponsor kitty, Tommy, and family. They are such caring folks to sponsor sweet Hermes!

Buddy is Greta's boyfriend AND her sponsor at BCR! We love you, Buddy!!

Callie loves her sponsor cat Harry! Purrs to you for caring!

Ronon is Casper's best furriend! His family is so wonderful to sponsor sweet Casper!!

We love you, Callie! My new sisfur!

Concats, Callie! Love, Big Harry and Furmily

We love you, Callie!

Happy Purrday, Callie!

Concats, Hermes- Catster's COTD!

In Loving Memory of Callie

In Memory of Dougal MacDuff

We Believe In Eve! xoxo

Concats, Timo Katze!

Concats, Angel Puff!

Concats, Timo Katze!

Concats, Mietzi Katze!

Concats, Mango!

For Sweet Angel Sharif

Concats to The Drifter!

Concats, Jasmine Delilah!

Concats, Timo!

Concats, Isabelle Love!

Concats, Lucy!

Concats, Da Vinci!

Concats, Mietzi Katze!

Concats, Mietzi Katze!

Concats, Mietzi Katze!

For sweet Angel Sunny

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