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~ Friends Of Emma ~

...."Everything rides on faith"....
Please join us to help Emma receive the surgeries and treatment she needs to repair her cleft palate & facial deformities!! Stay with us as Emma grows and we are able to GIVE BACK!!!
For a Cause
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September 26 , 2008

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New! Where's our Emma?
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"PawPrints On My Heart" - Ring Of LOVE!!!
7/18 2:33am
Bubbles Crossed The Rainbow Bridge This Morning
5/17 11:37am
The EMMA Gown Is HERE!!!
3/31 1:10pm
Dogvice & Rachael Ray's FOOD Raiser Campaign!!
3/31 9:22am
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 Hope Now................  Everything Rides On FAITH...  



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FOX 25 Follow Up - January '09


See Emma's myspace blogs and photo albums for more surgery details and photos from inside the operating room!!


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Help us take Emma's efforts to another level!!

We are working towards attaining the funds necessary for the legal documentation and filings in order to receive Federal Non-Profit status to better serve our charity efforts on behalf of Baby Emma!!

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The foundation's mission is two fold..... ideally, to create and maintain a nationwide database of certified pet therapy dogs with a passion geared towards aiding in the comfort and companionship of children suffering with cleft and cranio-facial conditions.

Patients and service dogs will be linked and matched to create the best possible experience for both. Through our network, families may request and receive animal assisted therapy sessions to benefit the recovery and rehabilitation of their children.

Additionally, the foundation would form a nationwide foster and rehabilitation program which would give puppies born with these conditions, proper care, treatment, surgical procedures and family placement as they grow and fully recover.

At that time, these dogs will be permanently placed in families dedicated to our foundation's mission and entered into the ever growing database in which they will serve as members of our pet therapy team.

We will facilitate the use of animals in the healing, coping mechanisms and rehabilitation of children across the country who are facing all phases of cleft / craniofacial deformity repair / reconstruction.

We will work to accomplish our goals through the education and training of health care professionals, evaluation and training of animals and human volunteers, as well as the establishment of animal assisted therapy programs throughout the country.

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If you would like to help in our efforts to build Emma's non profit foundation, please use the "donate" button below to make your contribution via paypal.

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 Most of you will know of Emma's story from her Dogster page.... For those of you coming here and meeting Emma for the first time, please feel free to follow the many links below and learn all about this tiny precious gift of God and her fight to survive!!!

When Emma came home....

Emma's second week of life....

Emma is one month old!!

Emma makes the news!! FOX 25 Primetime News At 9 segment... 

Emma makes the news AGAIN!!  News 9 segment...

Emma is 6 weeks old!! (my favorite video!!)

FOX 25 Follow-Up: Surgical Success!

Come by and visit us any time at the site of Emma's live webcast!!

Emma's MySpace page


Emma's Dogster page

Emma's 1st press release


~ "PawPrints On My Heart" ~

Ring Of Love

This is gonna' be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Okay, as announced in the forum thread - We are kickin' off our PAWPRINTS ON MY HEART : Ring Of Love project for our little Emma!!!

This is Emma's "book of paws n' claws"... ready to go out to our very first participant!!!


This is how it works gang....

First and foremost.... we NEED you to be 100% committed to following through with your part of the project.... the "hand off" is one of the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of this activity - so we need you to keep the ball rolling!

In the forum post above, we have begun sign up's.... just post your name in agreement to our project rules and you'll be in line to get your paws on Emma's book to add your own bit of creativity!!

Don't forget to add your personal paw signature on your page!!

Now.................. the rules.....

1)  Signing up in the forum thread secures your place in the "ring of paws" and you will be obligated to participate with adding to, and moving Emma's book on to the next participant.

               a) In the event you find at a later date that you are unable to fulfill your obligation, you must contact admin immediately so another fur may take your place in the ring list.

               b) Participation in this project means a small amount of financial responsibility in shipping Emma's book on to the next fur in line.  We do require delivery confirmation with each transfer and the book is quite heavy - so please allow for these expenses when considering your sign up.

2)  You will be allowed one page per family fur in Emma's pawprint book.  (i.e. if you have three dogs, you get three pages:  each has his/her own page).

                 a) You must use the next available page suitable to your fur.  (i.e. if you have a female furface, please use the next available page in the book that is suitable for a female.... if you have a male:  ditto - - - please no skipping pages simply to find the one you like best.

                 b) Cats & Dogs alike are welcome to join in and participate!!  (we've added both cat & dog specific pages in Emma's book as well as lots of "neutral" designs!

                 c) You are free to use whatever methods you like in order to embellish your fur's page in Emma's book.  Go crazy!!  Stickers, stencils, scrapbooking embellishments... anything that lets your fur express him / herself!!

                 d) Part of this project is to include your fur's actual pawprints!!  We ask that you ink your pet's paws using a non-toxic ink, stain, paint or other method of your choosing - on an index card or other sheet of paper first, and then add to the book once the prints are dry, to avoid any mess on the pages.

3)  In order to keep Emma's book traveling in a timely fashion - we ask that you take no more than three days to "work your magic" with your pet pages.  Please get the book finished up with your addition, and on it's way to the next participant as smoothly as possible.

4)  Each participant is responsible for contacting the next person in line to receive Emma's book and making shipping arrangements. 

5)  Each person will leave a Dogster / Catster star for the person they are shipping to, with a note that the PawPrint book is on it's way to them!


Let's Have A Ball!!!!!!!!!!





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