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Bombays with brains

group for Bombay Breed only (most solid black short haired cats)
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April 06 , 2007

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Great cats of fire

Most Bombays Dream of modeling (not all jobs are graceful)

Some strike a pose

Some pose with dignity

Not all of us like getting into costume...

But we're Bombays, so we put a smile on our face

We suck up our pride...

out of loyalty...

or force...

and get the job done.

so we can leave work...

strap in and drive home....

get some food and water...

kiss the kids goodnight...

and get all settled in...

for a few hours rest.

We Bombays celebrate our Agility with our climbing skills

We have exquisite balance

Bombays are precise in games of skill

Bombays don't eat their friends or family

We like staying abreast of the world in which we live.

We have a bad reputation for being evil and scarry

But we're really quite laid back!!!

We like to day dream of a life on the other side of the glass

We enjoy hobbies, like knitting...



throwing our paws in the air, and waving them like we just don't care.


some of us are quite the conversationalists.

Some of us a little defiant

of course we have our bad days when you should watch your back

because if we're clever enought to do this....

then we're clever enough to take over the world!!!

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