Searching for my roots

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Purred: Thu Nov 4, '10 9:10am PST 
We are wondering what kind of mix our newest family member would be. We got Saami 4 months ago from the pound- he had been a stray-found in cold MidWest February- declawed, so we know he had previous owner. He is a big cat in every way-Saami weighs 13,5 lbs, he is very tall, has long, long legs, long body and a tail that goes on forever-( he seems a bit fragile but isn't really-) it reminds me of baseball bat because it gets bigger towards the end instead of tapering off. He's hair is medium to long, and looks curly when he first gets up after a nap, and he has a ruff- shorter hair across his narrow shoulders. He has hair growing from his ears and it curves towards the back of the ears, he has long hair between his "toes" and his whiskers curve towards his mouth. He's face is triangular and the eyes are kind of almond shaped and we sometimes call him Bret Michaels because he's blond and has heavy black eyeliner. He also has a very prominet chin. Saami is bright orange with flame shapes on his forhead- actually from afar he looks almost like a small fox- the tip of his tail is white and he has short white booties. He can be very vocal if he wants something. I first thought he might be a wegie mix but I just saw a program on Turkish Angoras and Vans and they sure look like Saami. I have a few pictures in his profile but they arent the best to show him off. Saami is a " lapcat" but on his terms-He might jump on your lap, but he might ignore you just as quickly. He would love to go out, but we live in city next to busy street so he has to stay inside, since he can't stand a leash ( Trying to get him used to it ~ right now he's got some knee jerk reactions to things so we are suspecting that he might have been abused some way in the past, but he is coming along )