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Hi there, my name is SnowBall. I was recently adopted from our local humane society and classified as a purebred Turkish Angora. I do not have fluffy fur or a fluffy tail, which other Turkish Angoras seem to have... and am curious if anyone can tell by looking at me if I am truly a purebred Turkish Angora. I can e-mail other photos if anyone is interested in seeing more. Thanks so much and I anxiously await replies smile

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Purred: Tue Nov 6, '07 10:24pm PST 
Snowball, your coloring and eye color suggests you have some Angora in you. Also, your head is slightly triangular which also points to Angora. But your short hair and rounder eyes suggest a mix. Angora's eyes are slightly slanted up. Either way, you are still a very pretty kitty.


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I doubt that you are just because the usual physical traits of a Turk aren't there. Are you hyperactive? Do you love to knock stuff over? Do you have very strong opinions about things? When you want attention, do you DEMAND attention until someone picks you up? Will you throw a temper tantrum if you don't get your way? It's almost easier to tell a Turk by the way they behave then by the way they look. Personally I think you are a GORGEOUS American domestic short hair!


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Purred: Thu Apr 17, '08 9:18pm PST 
MOL!! What a great description of a Turk!! I do every single one of these things. Sometimes I drive my Mom insane, when I am so demanding. Her favorite thing (not) that I do is what she calls "clearing the decks". I start screaming at the top of my lungs (I'm deaf, so what do I care??) at around 4:00 AM. If she tries to cover her head with t he blankets, I start knocking everything off of her night stand. Glasses, books, half filled coke cans that go flying across the room and flinging coke up the walls and carpet. Then I go over to her and start trying to bite her stud earrings out of her ears from the front end. Ha! That always wakes her up!

She always say's she is so happy she loves me, cause other wise she would have to kill me. My human Dad used to say "That cat is not a cat, he's a full time job!!" I take pride in this myself!!

I am in fact a full blooded Turk, Mom actually brought me all the way home from Turkey as a baby.

Ipek ( Turkish for "Silk" )


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Oh, and by the way Snowball....you are one beautiful kitty no matter what your breed. You also could be part Turkish Angora
and Turkish Van. The Van kitty's don't seem to have the fluffy tails as big as the Angora. Do you like to play in water, and scoop your food up with your paws out of the dish and eat it?? This is a Van trait also. Whatever you are you are one gorgeous kitty.



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kittyhamster danceHi Snoball my owner has done alot of research and you are definately a Turkish Angora. My tail bushes out when I am playing. My fur is now getting longer as well.



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I think your face looks just like a turkish angora...so i would bet on a mix. The biggest give away is the personality. I also like to knock everything off my mom and dad's dresser to wake them when its time to eat, I peek at them when they shower, I open all the dresser drawers, I know how to open the pantry to get my treats. I've not only jumped in the toilet...twice...but I've flushed the toilet too!


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