Tonk Or Siamese?

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I honestly can't tell a tonkinese from A siamese?
Whats the difference in the two breeds?confused


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I did a lot of reading before I decided what breed to get, so maybe some of it will be useful.

A lot of the differences between Tonks and Siamese become clearer when you compare Siamese and Burmese breeds (Tonks are a cross between those two.) Siamese are elongated and elegant with longer limbs and the angular apple-head, whereas Tonks are more compact and petite, with a smaller head and smaller ears which are closer to the Burmese face.

Personality-wise Tonks are less aloof than Siamese with a friendly outgoing disposition which extends to strangers, whereas Siamese tend to be friendly mainly to those close to them. This social inclination is closer to the Burmese disposition in many ways. In general Siamese are more chatty as well, although those of us with Tonks know that certain individual Tonks can be quite chatty.

Both Siamese and Tonks are highly intelligent, inquisitive and active, and generally try to engage your attention continually.

Tonkinese have a more limited spectrum of colors associated with the breed than Siamese: the four colors are Blue, Platinum, Champagne and Natural. All these come in three patterns: Point, Mink and Solid, creating twelve different possible color and pattern combinations. My two Tonks are Champagne Points, and unfortunately Catster doesn't have this combination listed in their menu.

Now most of what I've told you has to do with the breed standard for Siamese and Tonks, but again, if you have a Tonk as a pet it's likely to be somewhere between Siamese and Burmese: my Penelope is more on the Siamese end with a slighty longer, trim frame closer in size to that of a standard cat, and is chatty and a little shy. Minuette is more on the Burmese end, with a very compact frame that is very similar to my sister's Burmese, and is very outgoing and bold, but fairly quiet vocally (unless she wants to make a pointed remark, which can be heard from several rooms away.)

Those are the main differences to the best of my ability, but as it's been a while since I did the research there may be some things off or missing, and I welcome anyone to chime in with their information. Talking with breeders is really helpful for getting a better sense of the breeds, as the know well both the standard as well as the multiplicity of other variations that can show up in each new litter.

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Tonks resemble Apple Headed Siamese, but are darker. Some have a more Burmese face (I have a slight nose-break). Show Tonkinese are Intermediate and their points blend more into their body colour than in a show Siamese, but you can also get pointed Tonkinese and solid Tonkinese due to the Siamese/Burmese mix.
Have a look at my mum's cat Kimbo and you can clearly see the physical features that distinguish a Tonkinese from a Siamese, especially in the face.
Also Siamese tend to just have blue eyes, whereas Tonks have aqua, green or lime-green eyes.