Stray Cat Needs Medical Attention?

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I'm not quite sure where to post this as there isn't a category that fits.

There is a VERY friendly stray cat that lives in a park that I pass by everyday I get off work. I see that he has regular feeders as I see empty cat bowls around the place. I buy a can of wet food to treat him occasionally too. I suspect he's been there for around 3-4 years. The problem is in the past couple of week I notice his weight is diminishing rapidly, I don't know if he isn't getting enough food or if he is sick. He still seems to be his friendly self but extremely thin!

Also, his other feeders are usually the elderly that live in the area, it is highly probable that they don't know how to help him.

In this case should I call a local cat volunteer organization? I'm extremely worried that if they do decide to take him in for medication, but decide that he can't be cured for whatever reason he will be put to sleep. That is very cruel and I know that if he needs to go he will feel best in his home in the alley. I am distressed I don't know what to do, because I can't take him in myself as room in Asia is very limited and pricey, not to mention I have a cat already, so it isn't possible financially either.

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Yes, please get in touch with a rescue group. If he's truly ill and it's untreatable, it's not cruel to put him to sleep. In fact, it's the kindest thing you can do. It's bad enough that a nice cat is living outdoors on his own, don't let him suffer if he's really ill.


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Update: Although he lost weight, there is no change in his energy level. I am now planning to feed him everyday after work to see if he can gain back the pounds. If not, then I will contact some shelters.


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Best of luck with him! Managing the health of ferals can be frustrating and complicated, kudos to you for caring about the little one! smile

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This site is an excellent resource for everything dealing with the care and management of feral cats.