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Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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I was directed here from another pet site where I was searching for advice, answers, anything that may help. I lost my sweet little buddy on Monday afternoon and I am absolutely devastated. He turned 15 on St Patrick's Day. He used to be a big old boy of 21 pounds. He started losing weight rapidly 3 years ago. They had done bloodwork yearly and always said he was like a kitten, everything perfect. But back in October he got really sudddenly sick, stopped eating and wad vomiting. They did a series of bloodwork and determined he was in late stage ckf. At that point he was 14 lbs. Switched up his food and gave him fluids and he got so much better almost returning to his normal self. Only arthritis had also set in. But he was eating well and still getting around and enjoying snuggles and purring a ton. I noticed the last 2 or 3 weeks he had become very clingy. He followed me everywhere, he wanted to lay on my face constantly and give me kisses. On saturday, I found him on my bed having very labored breathing. When I saw his face I just knew the end was coming near and so I just laid down with him all afternoon and snuggled and I petted him and told him that I was so sad but I knew he fought hard and that I wanted him to go peacefully. This went on for two days. I called the vet on Monday morning and asked them if they could come and do a housecall but they couldn't. They said I would have to bring him in. I told them on the phone that his breathing was very labored and his eyes looked dull and I didn't think he would survive the trip but I wanted a Doctors opinion and I couldn't stand to watch him suffer so I agreed. I made an appointment for 3 o'clock and my mother in law came over at 230 to watch my kids. At 245 I picked up my sweet boy and I laid him in a shallow box with a pillow on my passenger seat. I then watched as he took his last breath right there. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. It's like he knew what was happening and he didn't want to go on anymore. I cried my eyes out all night and as we buried him that night. I haven't slept decent in a week. I am just beside myself. He lived a good long life and gave me 15 years of wonderful memories laughter and snuggles but I'm still just so devastated. How long will it hurt like this? I miss him all the time. I miss his morning wake up calls, I miss him at breakfast and naptime and dinner and most especially at night when we would snuggle on the couch. It just hurts :'(:'(


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I'm so very sorry for your loss..give yourself time to grieve, you've lost a family member, as time goes on you will start remembering with a smile instead of tears and you'll laugh at happy memories xxx

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There will always be a place in your heart that hurts when you think of Austin. As you said, you have wonderful memories of your life together and you can be content that you gave him a great home. He knew it was his time to leave and his clinging to you was his way of saying good bye.

Some find it comforting to create a picture collage or lite a candle in rememberance, plant a tree or flower. Believe that Austin will always be with you, in your heart, until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Purrs and Love,


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Thank you very much. I know there will be a time where I will look at all of his picture and think of the memories fondly. I still just can't believe he's really gone. I miss my buddy so terribly frown

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It is always difficult to lose a loved one. I send my deepest sympathy to you and your family.
It sounds like you did everything right for Austin and he was lucky to have such a loving momcat.
We send you hugs and purrs.

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Your pain is still new, and, being new, is still raw. I promise: it won't hurt this much forever, but it does take time. Fifteen years is a long time to share your home and your life; your bond didn't form in a day, and the grief won't ease quickly, either.

Do you know the story of the Rainbow Bridge? If not, please look it up; it's very, very comforting - the story of where our furchildren wait for us. Yes, they DO wait! We will be reunited with them in time; for us, it will likely be many years, but for them - well, there is no "time" in Heaven, so it will be as the blink of an eye.

Your beloved Austin lives at the Bridge now - gloriously alive, perfectly healthy, and blissfully happy - waiting for you to join him. What a reunion that will be! See, death is not an end; it is merely the transition to a beautiful form of life we are not yet permitted to know. Cry for yourself, for Austin's absence from your physical life, but force a smile for him and the happiness he now knows.

May Austin's Creator bless you with faith, comfort, and peace.

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I hurt after my Ben and Natasha were given their wings. What I do is have a memoy time to celebrate their life. My husband, daughter, and I would remember the good times and light a candle in their memory. Talk about the good times and look at pictures. You have to remember their wonderful lives and be glad that you met. It takes time to heal. It does happen but you will always feel sad that they are not with you. I don't use whipped cream as much. Natasha would come running when I had cereal with milk or whipped cream. She could eat both without being a problem.
Don't expect the hurt disappear quickly. Give yourself enough time and know that they are not alone at the bridge....


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Thank you all so much for your kind words! The rainbow bridge story is beautiful! I sure hope that he's young and playful again. Just thinking of that brings back happy memories of when he was just a tyke. The wound is very new and fresh and I've accepted that the pain is very real and I need to just let it hurt. I hope my sweet little buddy is at the bridge playing and purring with all if your angels. Thanks you again for your support.

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This is Delyte. After a long life I went to the Bridge last year and my person is still missing me terribly, even though she has three other cats to pet and wait on. She and I had a special relationship--she saved my life when I was eight and had a horrible illness. I had another ten years of life with her and we were close. I know she is planning to get another black kitten soon, although you can never replace one cat with another. You, Austin, will live on at the Bridge and be rejoined with your person someday. But your person will eventually be able to have another relationship with a cat. Even while she feels her love for you, she will be able to love another kitty. My person is old, and I am her fifth kitty to go to the Bridge and we are all special and loved by her, but I know she can love another.

The pain is terrible at the beginning, especially if the death is relatively sudden as yours was. [I dwindled for a long time, and my passing was a relief from pain.] It does get better, but she will never forget you and you will not forget her. Some cats on the Bridge are said to make visits to their people; I've never done that, but she still remembers me,

Giant purrs to your sad person and hope that everything we on Catster say can help her with the pain. hug cat on moon welcome