Cat Drinking Fountains.

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Maus' "person" here.
I have been looking into a cat drinking fountain for my three cats - and the dog, who will inevitably "share" with the cats - and would like some advice from Catsters!

Originally, I had purchased the Drinkwell "Platinum". Unfortunately, as it is plastic, Maus' face broke out with acne. Maus has FLUTD and chronic constipation, and his DVM has recommended a free-flowing water system to encourage him to drink more. His two "sisters" will be 14 this year and I'd like them to drink more as well.

I'm looking for a fountain, preferably stainless steel , but ceramic will do. I've been looking at the Drinkwell "Zen" and '360', but am not set on any one speciic model. As long as the cats will use it, and that it is not too difficult to keep clean or too loud/too breakable.



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We recently got a Pioneer Pet ceramic fountain (it also comes in stainless steel), and like it pretty well so far! It holds quite a bit of water, it's quiet and it's easier to clean than our old Petmate fountain.

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Unfortunately all fountains do have plastic parts, even the stainless steel ones- they just have less of it. So it is possible that your cat might still have breakouts, because the filter and filter housing will be plastic still.
That said I have a Pioneer Raindrop stainless steel fountain and I like it, except recently the pump stopped working, but I have been using it for a long time so it's not surprising, and it is replaceable.

I also have a "Drinkwell Hy-drate" which is basically a filter that you can put into any water bowl. It is plastic but it's about as much plastic as there is in the stainless fountains, and you can pick your bowl. I like the idea because I can basically filter any water bowl. My cats really like it too, they empty the water out of this faster than the Pioneer fountain. You do have to make sure the bowl you use is deep enough for it to fit.


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I just got a Pioneer Pet Big Max at half price on Amazon. It's stainless steel (the filter and motor housing is the only plastic part and it's hidden) and it holds 128 oz. of water which might be handy if the dog will also be partaking.

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Hi everycat! My purrson went with the Pet Pioneer Big Max (Thank you Iba!) and all three of us LOVE IT! It's big enough so we can share, but not too big that we can't reach the water. Four paws up! way to go