Pooping beside the litter box

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LittleExplorer*T- igerCat
Purred: Sun Aug 25, '13 9:24pm PST 
Hi Everyone,

I have been having some troubles recently with my cat, Tiikeri. She will urinate in the litter box, but will poop right beside or around the litter box instead of using it. I am wondering what can be done about this.

I had a suspicion that she was doing it for attention or something. My suspicion was confirmed when I went away for a week and had a cat sitter in twice a day, and she said Tiikeri never once did that and always went in the litter box. Now that I am home she has only pooped outside the litter box! HELP.

Please, any advice or information would be much appreciated. I just have no idea where this new behaviour came from!!


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Thu Sep 5, '13 3:39pm PST 
She is trying to tell you something. Is your routine different? Maybe just spending a little extra time with her may help. Make sure to use an enzyme cleaner on the poop spots.


It's all about- me.
Purred: Fri Sep 6, '13 2:48pm PST 
Recommend adding a second litter box in another location. She may not like pooping in the box once it's used.

BooBoo Jr.

goofus ball
Purred: Fri Sep 6, '13 7:17pm PST 
It may be that it HURTS when she poops and thinks the box is doing it --original BooBoo did this and it turned out to be a PAIN issue; once corrected Meowma had to change boxes and work on retraining, but once the issue was corrected no more problems


Will Love You- for Food
Purred: Wed Nov 6, '13 7:46am PST 
Hi Tiikeri, Phillipe has been doing the same thing. It started about a month or 2 before we got married.. I figured that it was bc of all the commotion, etc. We got married, left him with a sitter for about a week and nothing! He went in every day. we came home and he still went in his box, adn now he keeps going outside again. The trouble some part is.. he'll go in his box for a smaller poop and then the next day take a larger poop outside.. So random. I clean his box as much as possible.. And we just had a full work up at the vet and no medical reason. I think he's just being a jerk! shrug

Kaylee &- Amelia

Snuggly Sisters!
Purred: Wed Nov 6, '13 2:40pm PST 
Could you describe your habits surrounding the box? How frequently do you clean it? I would second the idea suggested above to add a second box elsewhere in the house. Make sure you are scooping at least twice a day and doing a full clean once a week. If you can also work with getting her to associate good things with the litterbox, that might be good as well. For example, when she does urinate or poop in the box, reward her with a treat and some affection.


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Purred: Wed Nov 6, '13 11:54pm PST 
How big is the box and for that matter your cat? Sometimes cats like to back up to the end of the box and if there isn't any room they end pooping neat the litter box. I would take her to the vet and see if it's medical problem before assuming it's a behavioral one.