low blood sugar?

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Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 7:15pm PST 
Angel threw up a few times today, wont eat, extremely lethargic, and mildly "shivering." I gave her karo syrup and tried to get her to eat but no dice.

This has happened once before last year. she was all "loopy" and i rushed her to the vet. by the time we got there she was fine. the vet ran tests and nothing.

could it be low blood sugar? Angel is 8 years old, not overweight, healthy/active otherwise.

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It is not too uncommon for a cat to get a mild case of the shivers after a throw up spell. If the problem is simply a stomach upset you can give 1/4 of a REGULAR strength pepcid ac. The lethargic behavior however could be a life threatening issue and I would waste no time getting to the vet.

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Are you diabetic? If not, then it's very unlikely you were hypoglycemic (low blood glucose/sugar). I'm surprised the vet didn't find anything thinking Blood work should have shown something shrugshrug Maybe you can get a second opinion from a different vet?


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It’s normal for cats to shiver after vomiting. Is Angel-Nu diabetic?


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I think it is always a good idea to get a copy of any tests, including blood work and x rays if they did those, and get an opinion from another vet. Try to find a cat only or ask around to friends that have cats.....think of a crazy cat lady friend you might know laugh out loud and get a second opinion. I have heard from so many people lately that the vet will say "oh the blood work looks fine and normal", but when someone else looks at it, they find things that do sort of stand out as a problem. I took Beep in for a checkup a few months ago, extended blood work, and the vet called me and went through each thing they tested and explained to me what the normal level would be and what your cats level is, rather than just saying "it all looks normal". It may be all normal, but it doesn't hurt to have someone else take a look. If you know of a cat rescue around, they may know of a good cat vet. My vet has 3 different vets, and I like all 3 for different things, and only one of them do I really feel truly gets cats, the way I feel that I get cats. He feels the same way about nutrition, and how wet food is better, he is anti declawing, he doesn't think they need to get shots year after year, he doesn't push Hill's food on us as a good food....that kind of thing. Then another vet I love with my doberman, because she is great with big dogs. But I use the other one, the one who founded the practice, as my surgeon when I need one for them. I think most vets are good and only want to help your pets, but I feel that some just "get" cats, and I always try to find that kind, especially if one is sick.

Hopefully it was just a freak thing and kitty is ok now. Maybe she ate a bug or a lizard or something that made her sick and she is better....or something like that.


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shes not diabetic. she was totally fine after the karo syrup. and was up and eating after a few hours.

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...and I *AM the crazy cat lady friend. they see a cats only vet for about 2 years after i figured out my normal vet didn't know much about cats.