Pregnant Cat

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Ok well im pregnant (its an accidental pregnancy) and owners are saying that they are scared I might reject the kittens. What are the chances and what should they do if I do reject them?

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I don't know why your folks think you will reject the babies, but I have seen it happen. the only thing your people can do is bottle feed the kittens every 2 hours or so. You need to get some KMR (kitten milk replacement) and it can be found at most pet stores as well as a supply of bottles and nipples suitably sized for kittens. It is an arduous task to bottle feed kittens and it is not uncommon to have some of the kittens die. You also need to stimulate the kittens to urinate and defecate after each feeding. you do this by simulating the mother cat's licking of the genitals and anal areas of each kitten with a warm moist cloth or cotton ball.
Getting a food scale that weighs in ounces is a good idea so that you know if the kittens are gaining weight appropriately. weigh before an dafter each feeding and write each weight down.
It could be possible for another mother cat to foster your babies - for awhile - touch base with your vet for more suggestions.
make sure the kittens have a warm safe nest.
Please make sure the mother cat is spayed as soon as possible after the kittens are eating on their own - females can get pregnant very soon after having a litter!
Good luck!