Zylkene - Anyone heard of it? Is it good for cats?

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Dear Catster Folk...Hi...!! Jan here....

A friend of mine suggested that I try 'Zylkene' to see if it helps Auntie Miss Lillie with the 'argument she is having with her fur'...!! (ie trying to take it all off...!!) At the moment we seem to have approached a 'stalemate'...(it is no better, but it is no worse)

I am still working on the idea that it is stress induced (because of the pain of her arthritis)...and my friend suggested 'Zylkene'(to reduce stress)....I trust my friend implicitly, so I am going to try it...but I was just interested to see if anyone else uses it?

Also, related to the above, but somewhat different:

(a) I am worried about getting medicines or even herbal stuff from sites on the internet, because I saw a programme on the television about how companies bring medicines etc in from abroad (for people...!!) and then 'cut' them with horrid stuff, in order to make more money...anyone got any thoughts about getting pet medicine from the internet?

(b)I also looked through the sites that sold other pet 'remedies' and some of them were selling 'tea tree ointments' for cats....I saw ON HERE (Cat Health Forum) that 'tea tree' is toxic for cats.....!!

I am totally confused and worried....I so LONG TO get Miss Lillie's fur back as it was (her fur was like sealskin - very close and shiny)...

Any thoughts would be welcome....

Jan (and Auntie Miss Lillie) xxxx


I get cuddles- 'on tap'......
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No-one got any thoughts?.......