Why does she drool?

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We adopted Tobi a few months ago, and at first she was rather shy. She has allergies and had taken nearly all of the fur off her hind end. It seemed almost as if she was embarrassed by her bald behind. After a gentle bath and a switch in diets, Tobi's a lot less itchy now and has become extremely affectionate.
Here's the thing, though- when someone's petting her, and she's all excited and purring, she drools. I've only ever known one other cat that does this, but he's old and has overgrown fangs, which, his owner says, is the reason for his drooling. Tobi is young, only two or three years old, and all of her teeth fit in her mouth. There doesn't seem to be anything medically wrong with her, but I'm rather curious. Does anyone know why she would drool when she's excited? Does anyone else have a cat that does this?


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I've had a foster or two do this but I don't think it's that common. More likely are some teeth/gum problems that would cause her to drool. I would have a vet check her teeth, just to be sure. I hope it's just a cute quirk!


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Actually, it's pretty common for kitties to drool when they're happy. I've had several that do it and there was nothing wrong with their mouths.


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I agree with Monster. Momma's seen a few cats in her time that drool when they're happy. Its always good to get something checked out if you suspect an issue though. Better to be safe than sorry no?


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I usually think that a drooling when happy is sort of like kneading with the paws. Kittens knead and salivate when they're nursing on their feline moms, and we associate the feeling of closeness and being licked/petted with nursing, even well after we've been weaned.

I agree with other posters that it's a good idea to have the vet check for any dental problems, just in case! But I tend to think that her drooling is probably part of how she shows that her love for you, her true and forever family, means as much as the bond she had with her birth mom. way to go


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Have your cat checked by the vet to make sure there are no dental problems or other mouth problems. If there is no medical cause, then I concur with Ben. Cats who really get into the comfort kneading, sucking etc behaviors may also drool with it. You might want to keep a small towel handy to put under your cat's chin when your cat settles down for a happy kneading regression back to kittenhood comfort.

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I just think it can be a way of saying "I am so relaxed and that just feels sooo good". Our Sushi leaves drool puddles when you pet him he's so happy. Like making muffins it's a way they show how comfortable they are with uskitty


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Tobi and I had an appointment with the vet to have her teeth checked today, just to make sure everything was okay. Her teeth are just fine, pretty clean, and typical for a young kitty. Her vet said that it's a behavior that there's a small percentage of cats that will drool in response to positive stimulation, essentially the same thing Ben and Lefty said, and that she's likely to be a lifelong happy drooler. I'm glad she has no medical proplems smile I really do love having a quirky kitty!
Thanks so much for the responses, guys!

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I don't think it's that uncommon. I've had a couple of cats that did that. Miki does it occasionally when she is extremely happy or content. smile